How to tell children about a country and do it interesting? Spend a day at home dedicated to this country!
We dedicated our holiday to Scotland???????
What do you need to remember the holiday? Remember what you know about this country.
✔️Scottish clothing is the most famous and popular tradition in this country. The Scots still wear kilts with pride. Have a plaid skirt ready for each family member for the day.
✔️Scottish music is of course a bagpipe, whose sounds can’t be confused with anything else. We are not sure that you have it at home, so you can download bagpipe sounds on the Internet and listen to them all day.
✔️Scottish dances are simple dances, they don’t require special training. Put on some Scottish music and dance with the kids.
✔️Scottish Games – traditionally, the Scots organize the Highland Games, in which everyone can take a part. Have a pillow fight or smal