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Numerous positive Magic castle reviews from happy parents confirm that the school has a unique environment in which the child gently plunges into studying, thanks to the cosy atmosphere,  and affectionate teachers.


Elena, mother of Olga & Sasha & Oleg

This is a great school – little groups, native speaker teachers, lots of holidays, events and trips. Over these 3 years there has never been a day when my child did not want to MAGIC CASTLE. Now my younger daughter is going here as well!

Talents: Chinese, English, French, Russian, Football, Choreography, Arts, Science, Woodwork, Chess

Rais and Galina, parents of Imran

It is very important for us that MAGIC CASTLE program encourages use of movement in learning. Our son’s educational and social progress has been amazing! We are excited to send our younger son to MAGIC CASTLE in near future.

Talents: Swimming, Skating, Karate, Football, Chess, Arabic, English, Russian, Chinese

Pam and Genе, parents of Lexi

Although our time in Moscow and at Magic Castle was too short, it was certainly exemplary of the old adage “quality over quantity”. Thank you all very much for your care!

Talents: Dance, Skating, Chess, Piano, Football, English, Russian

Olesya, mother of Alissa

We are grateful that MAGIC CASTLE allowed Alissa to try so many things! That is how we discovered she was really good at figure skating!

Talents: English, German, Figure skating, Singing, Choreography, Art, Piano, Science, Cooking

Sarah, mother of Melchior

A lot of attention is paid not only to academics but also sports, attention is paid to each child, adaptation to their personality – parent /teacher communication.

Talents: Football, karate, woodwork workshop, chess



I love MAGIC CASTLE because we have interesting classes and because we have fun. The best thing is that the teachers are good!


I like Magic Castle because we have a lot of fun! Also we have a lot of classes. We play games. I meet my friends at Magic Castle.


I love MAGIC CASTLE because
1. We have very fun classes
2. I learn English
3. I have very cool teachers
4. I have a lot of fun!


I came to MAGIC CASTLE when I was two years old. After the kindergarten in MAGIC CASTLE I could speak English perfectly! I still study in MAGIC CASTLE but now I am in afterschool. We do homework here, we have lots of master classes and we always speak English. I love MAGIC CASTLE!

ENGLISH CITY CAMP in Moscow Reviews

Olga, 11 yo

I love Superheroes. We cooked there and I love to eat. We also had an amazing summer with Mr. Felix. We always had a lot of sport activities there.

Maxim, 12 yo

I have been to Superheroes for one month. I had fun with friends. And I learned English with the help of Magic Castle Camp, I began to speak English better. Thank you!

Masha, 10 yo

Superheroes was a great summer camp with lots of kids. We all spoke English. Our morning started with morning exercises and breakfast that we cooked by ourselves. We played games and went to the park. At the end of the day we had a nice tea party with ice cream. All the time we worked in teams and made amazing projects. I loved our teachers and we became great friends.

Max, 8 yo

I really liked the camp this summer because I played ping pong with Mr. Felix. We ate ice cream and had interesting classes. There was a lot of space to play. It was super fun.

Nastya, 12 yo

Superheroes was such an amazing experience! I can’t wait to go there next summer. It’s everything a person needs – education, a lot of fun and so many new skills! The best way to spend my summer!


Елена, мама Кати, 9 лет

Очень довольная, счастливая, много рассказывает. Понравились дополнительные занятия – искусство, китайский – море, игры на пляже, экскурсии. Говорит, что сначала ничего не понимала, потом начала понимать, что говорят. Впечатлений много, собирается снова ехать)) Поездка – замечательный опыт и языковой практики и взаимодействия с другими детьми.

Anastasia, mum of Arseniy, 7 yo

Thank you so much! For everything – for your care, for pictures and videos, for organizing such a cool camp for the kids! I am really happy that Arseniy had a chance to go to the camp with you! I would like to say thank you to all the team!

Наталья, мама Веры, 12 лет

Спасибо за такой интересный и насыщенный, полезный отдых! Вера в восторге! Уже скучает по всем!

Елизавета, мама Василия, 8 лет

Вы невероятная команда, талантливо обучающая и организующая ребят! С вами ребенка отправлять приятно и надежно.


Nadezhda, mother of Katya, 10 yo

Thanks a lot for organizing such a useful online camp! With the camp the week passed wonderfully, the child was busy and excited!

Galina, mother of Imran, 10 yo

I didn’t expect that after all the school work that he had to do Imran would be so excited about the online camp. He loved the cooking classes – went shopping for the ingredients by himself and did all the interesting tasks in the time between classes. Magic Castle saved our day and helped feel comfortable and engaged! They are real professionals! English, cooking, design, breakdance and other fun things!

Natalia, mother of Anastasia, 11 yo

We have tried other English online camps, but it never worked out. But when we tried MAGIC CASTLE camp I was surprised how engaged my daughter was! Every day there was some interesting information, communication in English, activities, and surely her favourite design and cooking!

Natalia, mother of Daniil, 7 yo

Over May holidays Daniil attended the online camp. It was just a 5-day programme. But he admitted himself that over the 5 days his level of English improved dramatically. And we also noticed that new teachers and activities were a great change – the classes were creative and fun. The time flew really fast!

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