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English SUPERHEROES SUMMER CAMP in Moscow is a summer programme for children from 7 to 14 years old in English with native speakers. The whole day in the camp from 9.00 to 18.00 is conducted in English – children learn and discuss facts of geography, history, science and art of different countries of the word. Active games and sports outside make our summer the best balance of learning and fun.

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(Thor Heyerdahl)
05.06 - 09.06.2023

We are going to travel to the land of the Vikings and put out abilities to the test. Are we as brave and strong as Thor Heyerdahl who went halfway across the Pacific Ocean on a simple wooden raft. We will meet trolls and visit fjords – Norway has a lot of fun things to explore!

(Che Guevara)
13.06 - 16.06.2023

We are the movers and shakers, the people who will change the world. We will explore global and local problems and look for solutions, train our leadership skills and learn to work in a team. We will become inspirational speakers and thinkers.

(Picasso & Dali)
19.06 - 23.06.2023

With the two geniuses of abstract art we are going to experiment with our own creativity and produce original art works every day using a variety of materials. We will also experiment with crazy styles in clothes and hairstyles, create 3D art installations outdoors and do performance arts.

26.06 - 30.06.2023

Finland is a peaceful and graceful country where Moomintrolls live alongside Angry Birds. With Angry Birds for our sharp-shooting skills practice and Moomintrolls with their land of kindness and adventure we will have a great Finnish week! The week will wind up with a wonderful Midsummer Performance!

03.07 - 07.07.2023

A week of Sports and History – try a new sport every day and win a competition! Dress up in the style of Ancient Greece, meet Olimpic gods and goddesses, act in a Greek theatre and cook traditional Greek food!

(Michael Schumacher)
10.07 - 14.07.2023

Together with the legend of car racing we will dive into the world of cars, engines, engineering and racing. Working as a team at a pit stop, karting, building a Rub Goldberg machine, exploring the laws of physics and mechanics – these are just a few things we will do this week. We will use this week to review our Mathematics knowledge about calculating speed, distance and time.

17.07 - 21.07.2023

Korea is well known for its style and pop-culture – funny cartoons, incredible ideas, funky and dynamic dance and music scene. Try to cook and eat exotic Korean food, learn to play Korean drums and use the chopsticks. Live in a vibrant culture of Korea even if just for a week!

(Lionel Messi)
24.07 - 28.07.2023

Our favourite week is always the football week! This summer it is football from Argentina with legendary Lionel Messi. After a barbeque and some mate tea we will do our best to hit the target in as many ways as possible – in sports and games! Bring your own bombillas!

(Ingvar Kamprad & IKEA)
31.07 - 04.08.2023

Come in your blue and yellow – we are in for a week of IKEA! How to build up a great business by trying to make things people need and admire – this is what we are going to learn this week. Using professional inventors’ techniques we will use our skills and inspiration to design great new things and make they from wood, plastic, card, cotton, metal and fabric. Be ready for a change!

(Israel Kamakawiwoʻole)
07.08 - 11.08.2023

Hawaii is a beautiful dreamland really proud of their celebrity, who reflects the values of resilience, calm and peace. In the festive style of Hawaii we will learn to play easy musical instruments and play in a music band. Come with flowers and be ready to use flowers in all areas of life. The best summer week in Moscow!

(Oscar Wilde)
14.08 - 18.08.2023

Ireland is the land of magic. This week is your change to put all your unimaginable creativity on paper and write a magic short story or poem. At the end of the week we will act out the stories for everyone to enjoy. On Monday we will paint our self-portraits and over the week they will change to reflect the way we are changing… Join for the week of magic!

South Africa
(Nelson Mandela)
21.08 - 25.08.2023

Together with the man who spent 27 years in prison fighting for equality and freedom we will explore what these concepts are about. We will learn about the British Empire and what effect it had on the world. And surely the best things about South Africa are the wildlife and the food – don’t miss the wonders of Africa!


Our day

We are busy from 9.00am till 6.00pm Monday to Friday. Our morning starts creatively with DESIGN TIME where we make objects of art from a variety of unusual materials. Then we make our super breakfast OURSELVES and it comes from the country of the week. During the day we research the life of a famous person and the country they lived in and present our findings as an acting, video or art project to the world. We spend a lot of time outside – playing games, doing quests and making friends.


About us

Olga, 11 yo
I love Superheroes. We cooked there and I love to eat. We also had an amazing summer with Mr. Felix. We always had a lot of sport activities there.
Maxim, 12 yo
I have been to Superheroes for one month. I had fun with friends. And I learned English with the help of Magic Castle Camp, I began to speak English better. Thank you!
Maria, 10 yo
Superheroes was a great summer camp with lots of kids. We all spoke English. Our morning started with morning exercises and breakfast that we cooked by ourselves. We played games and went to the park. At the end of the day we had a nice tea party with ice cream. All the time we worked in teams and made amazing projects. I loved our teachers and we became great friends.
Max, 8 yo
I really liked the camp this summer because I played ping pong with Mr. Felix. We ate ice cream and had interesting classes. There was a lot of space to play. It was super fun.
Nastya, 12 yo
Superheroes was such an amazing experience! I can’t wait to go there next summer. It’s everything a person needs – education, a lot of fun and so many new skills! The best way to spend my summer!

Why choose us?

1 week in the camp = 1 year of English at school
Learn history, geography, biology and sciences through research and creativity.
Master new skills – sports, dance, design, presentation and debate.
World art and music of the country we study every week.


Robert Hartley Rutgers University, The State University of New Jersey Subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Music, Drama
Hi, I’m Robert and I’ve been teaching for more than 10 years. I am focused on getting every child to speak English and develop their skills at whatever I teach. I use a wide range of games and activities to make sure every child is learning through their preferred medium. I am happy for new children to join the class.
Clive Julings University of York, UK Subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Jolly Phonics, Reading
Hello! My name is Clive Julings and I have been teaching children for over 5 years. I believe in making my lessons enjoyable and productive for every child. When a child is excited about learning that makes me happy! Come join us!
Claudia Manning Baker College, Jamaica Subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Reading, Writing, Grammar
Hello! I am Claudia Manning and I believe that we can ensure that every child performs at the top of their potential. I appreciate curiosity, research, independence and desire for new knowledge. There is a lot to learn and that is exactly what we are here to do!
Mickky Mehton ECPI Technical College, Australia Subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Jolly Phonics, Reading, Cooking
My name is Mickky and I enjoy working with little children. We learn a lot together – this is the age children are curious and interested. They are motivated by engaging activities, props and drama and the teacher’s personality. At MAGIC CASTLE we are excited to teach and children are excited to learn. Join and try!
Denis Galetton Université de Geneve, Switzerland/Canada Subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Creative Writing, Drama
I appreciate my students’ creativity and academic zeal. Every child want to learn and the techniques we use draw out the best in them. As long as each student is developing their skills I am successful as a teacher. If you have a chance to join our classes – do it!
Claire Hogan University of Nuthumbria, UK Subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Literature
Hello! I’m Claire and I have been teaching for over 15 years. I enjoy teaching young learners as they are always full of curiosity and excitement. I love using stories and poems in teaching young children.
Ivana Vucic University of Maine, USA Subjects: English, Literature, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies
Hi, I am Ivana and I have been teaching all ages and levels for over 15 years. While teaching online you must use the best most engaging techniques and inspire every child to get involved and speak English. I am happy that all my students make progress.
Diane Seuss Portland State University, USA Subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Drama, Music Composition
Hi! I’m Ms Seuss. I love using Drama and Music to engage with my online students. We dress up, play characters, sing, play games – all of this toward the goals that we have of learning the skills of the England’s Curriculum.


The weekly fee for the full day English city camp is 32500 Rub


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