Sometimes I hear a child boasting: “I have never learned the rules, but I write without mistakes! I have an inborn literacy”
Following this logic, does inborn illiteracy also exist? I don’t think so.
Therefore, writing without mistakes is acquired.
Do you know what it takes for this “inborn literacy” to appear?
✅ First, you need to read a lot. It happens that the child does not have enough vocabulary to find the test word. Read aloud and speak each word clearly
✅ Secondly, you need to have a good visual memory to remember how words are spelled. To develop it, you can try different exercises, for example:
?Work with pictures “Find 5 Differences”
?What’s missing? – lay out 10 objects on the table, give a minute to remember, ask the child to turn away, remove one and ask him to determine which one.