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On April 2, the world celebrated International Children’s Book Day. I believe that, despite the emergence of gadgets, the book is still one of the important tools in the development of both children and adults.
⚠️How important is the role of the book in the development of children? The ability to read is a whole set of skills:
first you need to memorize all the letters, and then learn how to add words and sentences
this is a memory training – it is important not to forget the beginning of the phrase by the end of the phrase, and the content of the first to the second page
reading gives a charge of imagination – the text from the book is transformed into images, and each reader imagines the heroes of the book in his own way, which favorably distinguishes the book from cartoons in which ready-made heroes are already given
thanks to reading, vocabulary increases and speech develops, and each new word that becomes understandable enriches the world around kids with new meanings
reading provides the basis for the formation of morality – the child experiences what is happening together with the heroes of the book, learns to distinguish between good and bad, chooses which side he would like to be on
As you can see, reading is an important part of any child’s development. Be sure to read with your children.