At all stages of life, each person needs close people who will help share the joy or get through trouble.
From childhood, every child develops his own special temperament – mobile children tend to communicate early, so as not to feel lonely. Children with a calm temperament feel quite comfortable alone. Nevertheless, friendship is very important – it is mutual understanding, help and support.
It often happens that in kindergarten and in primary school, a child cannot be friends with anyone.

⚠️What are the signs to understand that a child has communication problems?
▪️On the playground, he does not contact with other children, but always plays himself
▪️Doesn’t ask anyone for advice or help
▪️Doesn’t want to talk about what happened during the day
▪️There is no desire to go to kindergarten / school
⚠️Possible reasons for a child’s lack of friends:
▫️The child is distant and immersed in himself
▫️The child lacks attention
▫️The child feels embarrassed
▫️The child feels that he is not respected
▫️The child feels constrained

⚠️How can you help a child who has no friends?
▪️If your child is shy about other children, start by talking in small groups. Let socialization happen gradually.
▪️Encourage games, hobbies, and other activities that involve interacting with other children.
▪️Spend children’s parties more often. Invite those children there that your child would like to make friends with.
▪️Discuss everything about friendship with your child, teach him the rules of courtesy and etiquette.
▪️Try to tell the child less about what his life should be. Instead, ask him more questions about what worries him.
▪️If social interaction is difficult for a child, indicate how much time he will need to spend in the company of other children and when he can go home. It will help reduce anxiety.
▪️Teach your child to be friends. Tell him by your example how to make friendship with a person who is pleasant to you – how to find common interests, start playing those games that are interesting to both.

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