Half of November is behind us, and we have so many plans for the next two weeks. Do you think we can do everything in time?
?Disco Day
This is a disco! Children will wear their brightest costumes and have fun and dance to their favourite songs
?? Canada Day
Where is the country of the maple leaf and why is it called that? We will dress in dresses and costumes in the national colours of Canada and tell a lot about this country
?Pizza Day
For one day, children will be able to feel like chefs of the best restaurants in the world and cook incredibly delicious pizza
?? Italian Day
Finally! A slice of Italy will appear in Magic Castle for one day. Italian language, Italian cuisine, Italian music – it will be unforgettable
??‍♂️Trampoline Center
Jumping and having fun on trampolines are loved by both children and adults. Ever tried to do somersaults on a trampoline?
▪️▫️Black and White Day
A great opportunity to show creativity – in clothes, hair, jewellery
??Kyrgyzstan Day
Where is Kyrgyzstan located? What are the features of Kyrgyz cuisine? What is their national dress? We will find out all this at the Day of Kyrgyzstan in November