I know how difficult it is to instill in children a love of reading, so every time a great pleasure is caused by the moments when the child independently approaches the bookshelf, takes his favourite book and begins to read.
Every time there is the work of parents and teachers. How to do it?
✨Show by example – read yourself, at least 20 minutes a day, then the child will more willingly take the book
✨Form a habit with your child – for example, reading together before bed, reading in the bathroom, or discussing each book you read
✨Give a choice – don’t force your child to read exactly what you want them to read. Give a few books and let the child show independence in his choice. Any book is useful.
✨The sooner you start instilling a love of reading, the better. It is ideal to start almost from birth – to sing songs to the child, read poems and fairy tales