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Last week a child from Year 1 said “I really want to go to Disneyland”.
Magic Castle is a MAGIC place. Dreams come true here. Therefore, in October we will turn into Disneyland for one day and hold DISNEY DAY for children, where everyone will turn into one of Disney character.
Would you like me to tell you what else we are planning for our children in October? Just for now, it’s a secret?
Fall Fest and Autumn Ball – we will dress costumes related to the autumn theme, have fun and enjoy all the beauty of this season
Fun Socks Day – we love to have days when you can wear funny socks, come in pajamas or have a crazy hairstyle
Farm Day – communication with animals is important and useful for everyone. We know that, so let’s go to a real farm.
Halloween and Trick-or-Treat Day – and of course, at the end of October, by tradition, we will arrange a Halloween Party with incredible costumes and a lot of gifts?
How do you like our October plans?