?Uganda Day
Children can wear the costumes in African style and learn a lot of interesting things about this country.
?Pajamas Day
All children come to kindergarten in their cozy pajamas and have an unforgettable day of fun
?Superheroes Day
Every child will become a superhero
?Valentine’s Day
Let’s confess our love and read valentines
?Pizza Day
We will try pizzas of various shapes and with the most delicious toppings
?International Day
Let’s talk about a wide variety of countries in the world and friendship between different people
?Armenia Day
We will dress up in national costumes of Armenia and go on an unforgettable journey
?Men’s Day
We will congratulate our men, and also learn about the danger that can come from strangers and learn what to do in this situation
?British school
We will visit @MCS_British_School meet the students and spend time in the atmosphere of a real British school