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Remember your studies in kindergarten and school – for sure, for many, the educational process at some point turned into a routine, when the lessons follow the same pattern, and the children lose interest.
Only a good teacher knows what to do in this situation – to improvise, to conduct a lesson informally and outside the box. This will re-increase interest in the subject and facilitate better assimilation of the material.
What can be a non-standard lesson? (instruction for parents and teachers)
Lesson in the form of a game or competition – children are divided into teams and answer questions on the topic
Lesson-concert – tell the topic under study in a non-trivial way, come up with small scenes in which the children will take part
Alternation of theory and practice – monotonous text quickly gets tired, so add more practice tasks to the lesson
Fantasy Lesson – Dress up as a fairytale hero and turn the lesson into a fairytale
In the yard or in the park – if the weather is good outside, do not sit at home, learning is much more pleasant in the fresh air