Appearing in the 16th century among the ancient Celts of Scotland and Ireland, this holiday was called the All-Hallows-Even, and over time it became to be called Halloween.
At @Magic_Castle_School every year before October 31st we have a fun party that all our children are looking forward to.
Some of our master classes this week focused on how to decorate your room with Halloween style and which costume to choose.
This is a great opportunity to be creative and have fun.

Do you know what are the main symbols and traditions of Halloween?
Jack’s lamp made of pumpkin
Carnival costumes, not only witches and skeletons, it can be a kind unicorn costume
Decorating rooms in Halloween style – spiders, cobwebs, pumpkins of different sizes, bats, ghosts. Or for example pink style – unicorns, rainbows
Festive table – lots of sweets, pumpkin food, apples in syrup
Do you have fun for Halloween party on October 31st?