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Hurry up to enroll in groups starting in September 2020
In MAGIC CASTLE Dostoevskaya there are ONLY 3️⃣ free places left for all age groups.
English kindergarten
Age – 1-6 years
British educational system
✔️Children find themselves in an ? English-speaking environment where teachers are native English speakers?
Stages of training:
▪️Mini Club (1 year)
▪️Pre-Nursery (2 years)
▪️Nursery (3 years)
▪️Reception (4 years)
There is a study of language and literacy, physical, emotional and social development, the formation of respect for peers, self-confidence and the ability to self-development?
▪️Year 1 (5 years old)
▪️Year 2 (6 years old)
The period of preparation for school, during which all classical subjects are mastered, such as English and Russian, mathematics, geography, history, the world around us, music and others.
We are waiting for you at Magic Castle on Dostoevskaya‼ ️
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