According to doctors’ statistics, the number of preschool children with various kinds of food allergies is growing every year. Moreover, almost any product can become an allergen in a child.
If you know exactly your allergenic product, replace it with a similar one, but without the allergen. Here is a list of some allergenic foods and what you can substitute for them:
?Cow milk ⏩ goat or soy milk
?Eggs (contained in baked goods, pasta) ⏩ yolk allergy is much less common than protein
?Nuts ⏩ dried fruits
?Citrus ⏩ other fruits
?Vegetables (tomatoes, carrots) ⏩ other vegetables
?Fish and seafood ⏩ boiled chicken breast
?Wheat (bakery products) ⏩ rice, buckwheat porridge, rye bread