The beginning of the school year is a great opportunity to learn something new and remember what you forgot in 3 months of summer.
Let’s play some games:
✅ Say all the objects that you see around you – bed, table, chair, phone, backpack, toys. Be careful, don’t miss anything)
✅ Edible – inedible. Take a ball (or any other safe object) and toss to each other, uttering any word – potato, cake, biscuits, dog etc. But you can catch the ball only if you are ready to eat it)
✅ Take a long word, for example, conversation, and form other words from the letters of this word – cat, son, action, cover, ten, one, rat, no, coat, corn.
This game is for children who already know how to write
✅ Find synonyms for the word. For example, beautiful ➡️ cute, attractive, pretty, lovely, gorgeous, charming. What else?
You need to have a good vocabulary for this game