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MAGIC CASTLE Talent Academy

By signing up for any of our classes at MAGIC CASTLE Talent Academy you can be sure that it will be exciting and varied as possible.

Every day we work hard on the quality of each lesson. We care about the success of each child. Our classes have the highest international standards.


Give your child a chance to create their masterpiece! With our professional teachers of art it is easy! We use a new art or design technique every class, get acquainted with world art and get inspired by its best examples.

A class in a mini group
- 1500 Rub


Dance, wherever you are! We know how important it is to enjoy movement and get pleasure from learning to do something beautifully! Save your time and get inspiration with our best choreography professionals. Join in!

A class in a mini group
- 1500 Rub


Our young chess champions play wherever they are any time! Playing chess will teach your child strategic thinking and looking for non-standard solutions. Our experienced chess teachers will take your child to the wonderful world of this intellectual game!

A class in a mini group
- 1500 Rub


Brain games and logical puzzles – one of the best ways to learn something new together with your children! Once you get started you can not stop! We will teach you ways to find solutions to non standard tasks and have fun using your logical thinking!

A class in a mini group
- 1500 Rub


Your little chef is in charge of your dinner today! Experiment with national cuisines from around the world and cook your best meal with a step-by-step guidance from our experiences chef trainers. Experiment with new flavours and food combinations to expand your culinary outlook!

A class in a mini group
- 1500 Rub


Your child has a lot of energy? Channel it right! Our martial arts teachers are ready to organize your child’s activity learning and practicing martial arts skills!

A class in a mini group
- 1500 Rub


We believe that every child is gifted. Over the last 10 years we have been creating an enjoyable developmental environment for every child giving them a chance to explore their abilities and interests and build up their skills. We care about each child’s progress. That is why our children perform in and win national and international competitions. Each online course is developed to involve every child and create an environment for them to enjoy and benefit from every class.

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    Family performance in English
    Prepare to be transported back to the dazzling and tumultuous Roaring Twenties with our performance of "The Great Gatsby." F. Scott Fitzgerald's masterpiece comes to life on stage, promising an evening of drama, joy and intrigue that you won't want to miss!
    Date: March, 27
    Time: 19:00

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