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Лучший детский сад
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Love & Care

Magic Castle food

We care about our children eating healthy food. We work on improving our menu every day. These are our basic food guidelines:

  • Go low on salt, sugar, fat
  • Our food is either fresh or steamed, boiled or sautéed
  • No preservatives, colourings or pre-cooked food
  • No packaged food or juice
  • 5 meals in a 9 hour day
  • Fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables every day
  • Calcium and vitamins rich, nutritious
  • Preference to pasta, grain and salads over baked snacks


Language Clubs Cooking Classes

We believe that the best way to learn is by living through things. That is why to learn the names and flavours of food, ways to ask for food and express preferences we integrate cooking classes and a snack into our language clubs classes

Talent Academy Cooking School

To take our cooking to the next level with sophisticated national recipes from all over the world we opened MAGIC CASTLE Cooking School. In our weekly cooking school classes children make the dishes from scratch – reading the recipe, measuring, cutting and mixing the ingredients, boiling, freezing, frying or steaming. Your child will cook your dinner!


Superheroes Camp Breakfast

In our Superheroes Summer Camp every morning begins by making our own breakfast. And it’s not your boring porridge or even a sandwich. It is a dish from the country of the week, as every week in Superheroes is dedicated to a new country.





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