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Creative Arts

Art in our life

Creative Arts

Arts and Craft in kindergarten

We love arts and crafts. We want our children to be open with their ideas, expression and inspiration. While in kindergarten our children draw, paint, glue and mold things the way they see, expressing their individuality through their work. In our monthly culture holidays children have a chance to learn the culture and traditions of another country by making a Chinese dragon, Australian aborigines’ rocks or


Creative Arts

Crafts in our Language Clubs

Every language club class for children 1-7 years old includes a craft on the theme of the class. Doing crafts develops motor skills as well as language skills through asking and answering questions, talking about details of the craft and the materials used.

Creative Arts

After School Design master class

Design master class for school children has become everyone’s favourite. Both parents and children love the masterpieces they come up with in class. We use all kinds of materials – wool, clay, plastic, wood, metal, paper and a lot more to produce our unforgettable art.


Creative Arts

Talent Academy Woodwork Workshop

We believe that our children have to combine creative ideas with practical skills. Our Woodwork Workshop is an idea place for creativity and skill to meet. You have to come up with an idea for your design and then make it from wood using a full range of carpentering tools.

Creative Arts

Talent Academy Art School

At MAGIC CASTLE Talent Academy Art School we learn to draw and paint. But on top of this we get acquainted with famous artist and their works, try our various art styles, techniques and materials. MAGIC CASTLE Silver Wood also offers unique Animation Studio classes, where children learn to give life to their art creations.


Creative Arts

Talent Academy Drama School

Acting skills only improve when you use languages! Drama classes in French, English or Russian – choose the language you want to express your emotions in!




Art School

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Creative Arts



Woodwork Workshop

Creative Arts


Creative Arts

Dance Studio


Drama School

Creative Arts

Art in Our Life

Creative Arts

Dance in Our Life

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