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Work with MAGIC CASTLE International School, Moscow

Children are born with wings. Teachers make them fly.english kindergarten moscow

A popular saying MAGIC CASTLE International Nursery School relies on its cadre of teachers to maintain the high standards of teaching and care provided by the school. TEACHER TRAINING We work with every member of staff to work at their top potential to deliver the best performance for the sake of our children. MAGIC CASTLE offers 100 hours of teacher training in all areas of teaching children from 1 year old to 18 years old. Our classes are always based on clear language goals achieved through games, communication activities, music, movement, theatre and role play for all ages. Our system of teacher training is based on sharing our best practises and discoveries as well as hands-on peer teaching to try out the games and activities suggested by the trainers and developed by the teachers. You will see al of us playing little children in our coordination sessions as we believe that you can teach children effectively only if you can have fun learning through play.


TEAM WORK AND FUN Teamwork is another important value we all share as we believe that mutual support and sharing our teaching discoveries is the only way to improve our work for the benefit of our children. We enjoy spending time together at work and outside work – MAGIC CASTLE and X-BRIDGE corporate outings and parties are well-known for their creativity and fun!


angieAngie Kew, South Africa
I have just completed my first year in Moscow and am excited to say that I have agreed to another contract with Magic Castle International School. My time at MC has been an absolute learning curve in my life as a teacher for young learners. I feel that my skills have been advanced on a superior level.

MC taught me how to teach my students through creativity and love. The MC curriculum is the MOST UNIQUE curriculum I have ever worked with. My teaching experience ranges from Africa to America and this is by far the most success I have achieved with my students. The MC curriculum focuses of effective communication techniques and develops the creativity of the young learner.

Though at time Moscow is a very challenging place for a foreigner to live, the staff at MC was always there to support and help me. The relationships that I have formed with these people will be relations valued far into the future. I would like to thank MC for making me a better teacher and I look forward to the new academic year. angi

borisBoris Padgett, United Kingdom
Over the four years of my employment at MAGIC CASTLE and X-BRIDGE, I was given several opportunities to develop as a teacher through the yearly in-house training as well as through professional advice from the Director, Natalie Kaminsky. Throughout my time there, I worked with a selection of teachers from various backgrounds. Team building activities always ensured there was a pleasant working atmosphere.

As the school developed, the premises changed. They were functional, well kept, spacious, airy and very welcoming for the young children in our charge. Ms Kamisky always made a point of listening to ideas, suggestions and concerns and did a good job of taking positive thoughts on board. The contracts I was offered were honoured in a timely manner and there were never any discrepancies between the written document signed by both parties and how the situation unfolded.

I thoroughly enjoyed working at Magic Castle and for Ms Kaminsky.


To apply to work for MAGIC CASTLE International School please mail your CV and references to Natalie Kaminsky

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