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Why does my child always get told off?

воспитание детейManaging our kids zone at the Blancpain car races in Moscow we encountered some parent behavior that we thought was left far back in the past….

When a 3-year-old boy hit his playmate on the head with a car remote control we interfered reminding him that fighting is not allowed. His mom standing nearby observing the proceedings was indignant: “Why does my child always get told off – he did not start the fight!”

By the end of the day both children were improving their conflict-resolution strategies and learning to take turns and share. And when rather that desert the scene of destruction the little boy picked up all the blocks he had spilled, his mother looked surprised and proud. Finally, she did not have to put on a brave face to justify her son’s misdeeds….

We are always happy when we can do our little bit for other people.

And we were glad to hear – “ This has always been my dream!” from some grown-ups who had a chance to try a 2-wheel skateboard – something they would not otherwise dare do.

MAGIC CASTLE is the place where dreams come true after all!




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