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Welcome to MAGIC CASTLE, Suzy!

Частный Английский Детский Сад ЗАОWhen our new student Suzy came to MAGIC CASTLE International Nursery and Primary School in Moscow for her first visit, she was very shy – so many children and teachers in the school and they are all speaking English. Even though Suzy learned English back in China, she was still a bit concerned that she would probably have some communication problems – what if these people don’t understand her? When Suzy came to meet the Year 2 children, Olga just ran to her and said: “Nihao! Ni jiao shenme mingzi?” which means “Hello, what’s your name?” in Chinese. Suzy and her family were surprised to hear a 6 year old Russian child speaking their language.
– Where are you from, Olga?
– I’m from Moscow!
– Where did you learn Chinese?
– Here, in Magic Castle with Li laoshi (teacher Lee)

they continued their conversation, Olga in Chinese and Suzy in English:
– Ni ji sui le? (how old are you)
– I’m five. How old are you?
– Wo liu sui. (I’m six).

Both children were happy to practise a foreign language with each other and Suzy doesn’t feel shy anymore because she knows – there’s a friend who speaks Chinese!

If your child is ready for a more challenging experience they will love our English Summer Camp in the Moscow region!



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