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Лучший детский сад
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Уникальное международное
образование для вашего ребенка

Love & Care

We have chosen our school!

We have been thinking for a long time and have finally decided on a school for our children! In the middle of the year our children were determined to start school – so they did. We chose school 1275 – a French school in Dostoevskogo street, 25. Our children are now in 3 different classes of the school and all of them love their teachers, classmates and school! Though they had to do some catching up on cursive handwriting they never felt left out – the teachers supported them at every step! Dedicated teachers, field trips, a caring security guard who knows every child, parent, nanny and granny – all this makes our school 1275 feel like it is another MAGIC CASTLE for our children. COME THIS SATURDAY 11.00-11.30 and see for yourselves – it is OPEN DOORS day and we will be there! School 1275 Dostoevskogo street, 25 And after school our children still come to MAGIC CASTLE for their dance, piano. languages, swimming pool, gymnastics and woodwork. They are also getting ready for their Cambridge Young Learners exams they do in May – some of them will get their first certificate Cambridge Starters, and those who did Starters last year will go for Movers – level 2 exam. Join School 1275 and our Cambridge exam classes for your child’s English and have more time left to enjoy a variety of other activities in AFTER SCHOOL MAGIC CASTLE Programme!

английская продленка в москва Английский Частный детский сад
Английский Частный детский сад Английский Частный детский сад


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Zhivopisnaya st., 3-1
m. Polezhaevskaya


Chernyshevskiy lane, 8.
m. Novoslobodskaya
m. Dostoevskaya


Lihov per., 3
m. Tsvetnoi bulvar
m. Pushkinskaya
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