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Keje, Silver Wood Keje was always happy to go to Magic Castle. A save place and second home for him. Nice and experienced teachers, Keje loved Robert. Robert did a real good job by teaching Keje at the age of just 3 years old the sounds and letters by using a playfull song. Kim Balint, Dostoevskaya 

Sport & Dance

Sport & Dance Sport in kindergarten Our children’s health and well-being are our priorities. That is why in our kindergarten sport classes we focus on strengthening our feet and back, building up muscles, developing coordination and a sense of balance. We are sure that we lay a good foundation for your child’s health in the

Trips & Guests

International School Trips and Guests MAGIC CASTLE has a busy schedule of field trips – we have already visited most museums and exhibitions accessible from our schools and this year we are going on activity tours to new places like a bakery and a library. We believe that field trips give our children a unique

Our curriculum

International school in Moscow, Russia. School with an international or British curriculum.

Creative Arts

Creative Arts Art in our life Arts and Craft in kindergarten We love arts and crafts. We want our children to be open with their ideas, expression and inspiration. While in kindergarten our children draw, paint, glue and mold things the way they see, expressing their individuality through their work. In our monthly culture holidays


International School Culture Holidays MAGIC CASTLE International Nursery School is a place where fun and education go hand in hand. The best example of this is our Culture Holidays – regular events combining music, clothes, food, crafts and games of a particular culture or related to a job or area of knowledge. We are proud


Science at MAGIC CASTLE International School Science is part of any international school curriculum and MAGIC CASTLE International Nursery School in Moscow is no exception. Science starts with Montessori activities in MINI CLUB where children explore qualities of natural materials and continues in other years with studies of nature, experiments with light, weight, color and

Our teachers

Magic Castle team MAGIC CASTLE is about much more than education. MAGIC CASTLE is about making children confident and happy by giving them choices. Natalie Kaminsky Director MAGIC CASTLE was founded by education professionals who set out to create a school to provide the best opportunities for every child to explore and develop their talents and abilities.  When

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