Summer kindergarten
  • For children 2-6 years old
  • No enrollment fee
  • All day in English
  • Pay for the weeks you attend
Summer school for children 1-7 years old in Moscow

Every summer MAGIC CASTLE International School runs summer programmes open for any children from 2 to 6 years old. We travel to coutries of the world every week, meet people that changed the course of history and learn to be strong and smart to change the world ourselves!

No Enrolment Fee
Summer is the best time to try MAGIC CASTLE without an enrolment fee. You can join our fantastic programme for 3 months and see for yourself!
Your Child Will Speak English
Summer is a great chance for our child to speak English. After just a few weeks with MAGIC CASTLE your child will start understanding English and answering questions.
Summer with an International School
MAGIC CASTLE International School & Talent Academy has been one of the recognized international schools in Moscow for over 10 years. Every week in the summer we travel to a new country – dress up, cook, dance, sign and have traditional holidays!
Love & Care
We surround each child with love and care. We believe that this is what makes us so special and different from many other schools.
Summer of Character
Every week in the summer is dedicated to character building. We read stories, fairy-tales and poems about a particular character trait we are focusing on this week – being kind, generous, fair, independent or confident!
Freedom to Play
Children learn through play. Therefore, we use toys, props, sports equipment, materials for arts and crafts in games and activities to process our learning. Play is the most important way of making new knowledge relevant for a child.
Easy Pay
We offer easy pay conditions in the summer months – pay by the week. If you are planning to travel – just pay for the weeks you will join the programme.
A Lot Extra
MAGIC CASTLE International School & Talent Academy is the only school in Moscow that offers over 20 extra classes in English and Russian over the summer. This summer your child can try Art School, Karate, Dance or Languages.
Our English club programme includes
All classes in English with native speakers
English All Day
All MAGIC CASTLE staff speaks English all day long. While eating, changing, walking – we speak English all the time. However, there are always people who will speak your child’s language if necessary. All our staff will make sure that your child is comfortable and will speak English this summer.
Arts and Crafts
Our children have classes with professional Art teachers to explore a variety of art and craft techniques. We use natural materials to create special summer masterpieces. Your child will surprise you this summer!
Music Classes
We love Music Classes! In the summer we have two music classes a week with professional music teachers. We believe that music, movement and dance are some of the best ways for children to learn new things!
Our professional sport classes twice a week are as intensive as they are useful. We work on building up important muscles, posture, foot massage, coordination, balance and team work. In summer sport classes are often held outside.
Summer Walks
We walk a lot in the summer. We walk in the morning and we walk in the afternoon – spending time and doing classes and activities outside is one of the key elements of our summer programme.
Our professional choreography classes continue twice a week in the summer. We love moving to the music and learning dances from the countries we visit each week!
Field Trips
In summer we try to see all that is interesting for children in Moscow – we visit exhibitions, museums, events for children, especially those held in the open air!
We love having fun with a meaning! Every month we celebrate a culture of a particular country with its music, dance, costumes, food, games, sports and traditions!
Summer is the best time for science outdoors! Studying insects, plants, petals and leaves, experimenting with sand and water – this keep us busy most of the time!
Convenient payment options
Pay by weeks or for the whole summer
Summer school for children fee for the whole summer
from 230,000 to 300,000 Rur
Summer school for children fee per week depending on the length and location of the program
from 16,000 to 32,500 Rur
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Our Teachers – Native Speakers
Our teachers from the UK, the USA, Canada or Australia have been carefully selected and have hours of annual professional training
Other foreign languages for children 2-16 year old
Your child will speak any language!
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