British curriculum

with native speakers
from 1 year old


MAGIC CASTLE International School

British kindergarten and school preparation in Russian for children from 1 to 6 years old.

30 talent classes for your child to discover their interests.

Best for your child
Your child is unique. We know this. MAGIC CASTLE is the place where every child has a chance to discover and develop their individual talents and abilities.
Speak any Language
Any person can speak any language. At MAGIC CASTLE children can learn up to 8 languages. Our standard programme guarantees that children will speak, read and write in English and Russian by the age of 5 years old.
International School
MAGIC CASTLE has been one of the leaders in Moscow early education for over ten years. We are recommended by all of the major international middle and high schools in Moscow, as well as schools in Italy, Switzerland and the USA.
Love & Care
Love & Care are our priorities. We teach children to care about themselves, people around and the world. We would like our children to be open to the world, other cultures and ways of doing things.
Development Support
Our staff are professional at childcare with many years of experience. We can find ways to deal with any child in any situation. We consult and help parents deal with any behaviour concerns they might have.
Serious Fun
We teach serious things – multiplication, science and reading and a lot more using age-appropriate methodology of play and excitement. Hands-on exploration and personal experience are our leading guidelines.
Innovations & Values
We are always on the lookout for new educational techniques. We try them out and choose those that our children like and those that help them achieve even more.
Arts & Creativity
MAGIC CASTLE in the only school that offers over 30 extra classes for children in English. From Sports and Choreography to Arts and Cooking – your child can try any classes right here. We are proud to provide the highest standard of instruction in all our classes.
Our programme includes
All classes in English
British Curriculum
We teach English, Mathematics and Science according to the National Curriculum for England. Our theme-related months are designed to eхplore the world and ourselves. Our Russian programme is part of the curriculum and is delivered on some afternoons.
Math and Science make up an important part of our curricular and extra-curricular work. We help every child love and be successful with mathematics and science. This is encouraged by exploring non-standard approaches to mathematical thinking and logic as well as experiments with a wide range of materials.
Sport & Choreography
We feel that sports and movement are key factors in children’s development. A straight back, good balance and coordination, agility and teamwork – we aim to develop all of these and more in our Sports and Choreography classes with professional certified PE and Choreography teachers four times a week.
Every month we have an event week with a field trip, a guest and a culture holiday. All of these create an unforgettable MAGIC CASTLE experience. Our culture holidays is a change to wear a national costume, cook and try national food, play games and sports and enjoy a celebration of a particular country. This is an integral part of building an open mind.
Arts and crafts
Our creativity knows no boundaries! Painting, modelling, collage and design – your child will produce masterpieces of creativity in MAGIC CASTLE Art classes. Our parents are proud of all the skills their children learn in Art&Craft classes with our professional teachers.
Music classes
Music plays an important role in our life. Our kindergarten timetable has four Music classes a week – two in Russian and two in English. In addition to these there are over 20 kinds of Music classes in MAGIC CASTLE Music Academy. Music Academy is a place to learn to play any musical instrument or to sing professionally.
Field Trips and Guests
Field trips and guests are events well-loved by all our children. We visit the best museums and exhibitions and enjoy the many great things Moscow has to offer!
Healthy Food & Cooking
A well-balanced children’s menu:
• a filling breakfast rich in carbohydrates and calcium
• fruit time at 11am – a vitamin boost for everyone
• a nutritious lunch with a variety of soups, salads, and main courses
• an after-nap snack – we opt for a side dish and salad rather than baked goods
Outside Time
We walk one or two times a day depending on the weather and length of the day. Our playgrounds are modern and well-equipped to allow for creative and active outdoor time for everyone.
School Fee is from
35 000 Rub a month
The fee varies depending on the length of stay and type of school
Our day
Safety and stability
Security and safety
5 meals a day on a
specially designed menu
Individual development cards according to British standards 4 times a year
Child-friendly environment
Our parents speak for us
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Our Teachers – Native Speakers
Our teachers from the UK, the USA, Canada or Australia have been carefully selected and have hours of annual professional training
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