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Russian for Children in Moscowrussian for children

Russian School Preparation

MAGIC CASTLE Nursery School offers its comprehensive school preparation programme in Russian which includes

The classes are taught by professional speech therapist who uses the most effective techniques to teach reading and writing starting from the age of 4 years old.

At the same time the teacher monitors children’s general vocabulary, grammar, speech development and pronunciation and recommends individual work to each child needing it.

Our Russian day is a great way to geet the feel for Russian tradition!


Speech Therapy логопед1

MAGIC CASTLE Nursery School offers individual Russian Speecch Therapy classes to ensure your child’s clear pronunciation and developed speech patterns.

Upon enrollment every child attending the MAGIC CASTLE Russian language programme undergoes a speech test to ascertain if any individual therapy is needed at this age.

An individual timetable is prepared with 20-30 minute sessions twice a week. Classes use a range of speech therapy resources, speech gymnastics, games and activities to make the classes fun as well as hard work. Speech Therapy classes are open to children who attend MAGIC CASTLE Nursery School programme as well as to other children.

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