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Love & Care

Не все говорят на одном и том же языке

Платный детский садWhat Joseph uses the most is the way to behave between French, Russian and English. Thanks to Magic Castle, he now realizes that eveybody don’t speak the same language. And he likes playing with that! In December, he had an important question regarding the fact that we all have a different language: in what language do we have to talk to Santa Claus?? I answered that Santa Claus understands every children in the world….

Joseph is also very proud showing that he knows how to spell his name. J.O.S.E.P.H is now like «a song» that he repeats every day! He also plays recocgnizing the letters in our books, letters, magazines…

Last thing we noticed is that Joseph repeats very often the sport exercices and he feels like a big boy… bigger that his little brother! What a pride!

We are very happy to see Joseph evolve and grow up thanks to Magic Castle! It brings him confidence and some good friends.

Thank you very much for your attention to our children!

«Международная школа ВОЛШЕБНЫЙ ЗАМОК предлагает занятия Английским языком для детей летом.


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ул.Живописная, д.3, к.1
м. Полежаевская


пер. Чернышевского, 8., с.1
м. Новослободская
м. Достоевская


Лихов пер., дом 3, с.2
м. Цветной бульвар
м. Пушкинская
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