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Reception/Year 1/Year 2 programme of the MAGIC CASTLE International Nursery School is for children 4-6 years old and is a place where children continue to develop their creativity and skills, applying them to a variety of learning situations. Here they have access to encyclopedic knowledge about all areas of life and their priorities are reading and writing. We make sure that the children have the best balance of sit-down and move-around activities which is a cornerstone of successful learning now and in future. Therefore, the programme includes

Our special days are MAGIC CASTLE holidays which happen every month and can be national holidays of a particular country, like Diwali or Hanukkah, or our own holidays, like Spanish Day or Thanksgiving Fair!
All our children also enjoy field trips to a museum, a theatre, an exhibition, a park or a zoo every month – Moscow has a lot to offer!

See photos of our holidays and field trips in the Photo Gallery

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Active Games – a block of action rhymes and songs with actions that is a fun way to start an active morning.

Magic Class – an integrated theme class on each of our 6 week themes (eg – Animals, Plants, People, Transport etc) involving phonics, stories, puppet shows, active games, arts and crafts.

English – in Reception a serious Reading program starts – we learn to read and write letters, words and sentences. This class uses a variety of resources – tough and feel letters, magnetic letter, posters and cards, individual workbooks, books for reading.

Mathematics – we teach shapes, sizes, numbers, number – amount correspondence, comparison and classification of objects. In Reception we start addition and subtraction, basic multiplication and division, measurement and evaluation. This is complemented by individual math workbooks.

Sport Therapy – taught by an internationally certified Physical Education teacher; sport exercises aimed at developing coordination, sense of balance, agility, strength, stamina and posture, group work and leadership skills.

Dance – taught by a professional choreographer, involves stretching, gymnastics, theme dance, traditional dance. You can see results at our Christmas and Spring concerts.

Art – alongside the arts and crafts module in our own theme plans there are professional painting and modeling classes taught by a specialist teacher.

Music in English – taught by a piano Music teacher together with the group teacher. Music in English focuses on a variety of songs with actions, percussions orchestra, national melodies from different cultures, acquaintance with classical composers and musical pieces.

Music in Russian – taught by an experienced Music teacher. Combines songs in Russian, introduction to classical music and dance to a range of musical styles.

Russian – taught by a highly professional speech therapist. In the Reception group Russian classes focus on teaching reading and writing together with speech development – a wider vocabulary, an ability to classify and group objects and concepts.

Story Time – based on a story we learn new vocabulary, act out the plot, play active games, do crafts and math activities.

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