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Fee for 1 week of

Summer Theatre School
25.500 Rur

What makes us special?

English all day long
All our life and classes are in English with native speakers.
Talent weeks
Every week we live the world of theatre – settings, acting, costumes, choreography, make-up, puppets and all that it takes to make theatre a holiday!
We will visit all Moscow children’s theatres
We go out to theatres every week and this week we will get to know all Moscow theatre life!
3 hours outside every day
Active games in Moscow parks every day – summer is for us to become stronger!

We are on Youtube

Our Summer Theatre School in Moscow is a programme of acting, creativity and fun!


My child did not speak English though we have tried to speak to him. We are happy that after just a few weeks with MAGIC CASTLE he started speaking to us!
My son loved Robert! He still remembers playing baseball and is practicing with friends
My daughter is very creative, that’s why her favourite part was drawing and making constumes. Just a couple weeks and she feels much more confident about her English!
Mark loves theatre. He loved the weekly shows and field trips as well as dressing up and plays that children made every week.

Choose your favourite weeks
right now!

You can get a discount of
up to 30% if you book more weeks!

How much?

The standard fee for one week of Summer Theatre School
from 9am to 5pm
is 25.500 Rur.
30 мая - 3 июня
Show it!

Acting School

How to tell a story as well as describe and show how we feel!

6-10 июня
Guess who I am!

Stage Make up

Learning how to transform into different animals, people, and characters!

14-17 июня
Change the world around…

Set Painting

How to create different places and worlds through painting and building sets!

20-24 июня
Let’s dress up!

Costume School

Putting fabric and accessories together to look like different characters

27 июня - 1 июля
In the Shadows…

Shadow Theatre

Making shadow puppets and performing tales in the dark!

4-8 июля
Incognito Week


Learning how to make and act with masks

11-15 июля
I will show you a tale!


Using Puppets and Masks we will learn and perform a fairy tale

18-22 июля
Let’s move it!

Dance School

Jazz, tap and Ballroom! Different types of dances for the theatre

25-29 июля
Plies and pirouettes


Ballerinas and Swans, learning how to dance and tell stories at the same time

1-5 августа
Let’s go to a musical!

Musical Theatre

Singing and dancing with songs from major Broadway musicals

8-12 августа
This is ME!

Monologue Week

Practicing public speaking and developing confidence!

15-19 August
Off we go!

Improvisation Week

Using our imaginations and creativity to create and act in scenarios right on the spot!

22-26 August
Make your own play!

Stories, Costumes, Sets and Acting

All in one week to create a showcase of plays!

29 May - 2 June
Extraordinary Math

Albert Einstein – Switzerland – Non-standard Mathematics

We will solve multiple logical puzzles and will learn to think out of the box just the way Albert Einstein did. As he played the violin we will also meet the violin and get acquainted with the best-known classical violin pieces. We will make our delicious breakfast with staple Swiss chocolate and cheese!

5 - 9 June
Engineering Genius

Leonardo Da Vinci – Italy – Engineering

How do machines work?  We have a week to explore and apply our knowledge of engineering and try out as inventors. We will draw and build our machines just like Leonardo did. For our Italian breakfast we will make bruschettas with pesto, mozzarella, balsamic sauce and basilic. 

13 - 16 June
We are super strong!

Jacky Chan – China – Tai Chi

We will learn Chinese calligraphy and explore types of green tea. We will start every morning with Tai Chi and will continue our training with martial arts masterclasses all week. We will shoot a movie where we will perform the part of Jacky Chan.

19 - 23 June
Russian Seasons in Paris

Sergey Diagilev – France – Theatre design and show-business

We will write our own story and set up its theatre production – make setting, posters, costumes and produce the play just like Sergey Diagilev did. We will do our best to achieve success in France – a country with exquisite culture and tastes. We will learn to make French sauces, croissants and serve the table the way it is done in France.

26 - 30 June
Ballet Star

Anna Pavlova – Russia – Ballet and Gymnastics

All this week we build up our strength and agility. We will see what it takes to become a ballet star – stretching and strength, will power and a musical ability. We will meet best-knows classical composers and listen to their pieces. This is our week to appreciate things originating from Russia – from food to culture.

3 - 7 July
Contemporary Dance

Isadora Duncan – USA – Contemporary Dance

This musical week is our chance to dance to various musical rhythm, gain confidence in our body in any musical situations, learn to tell stories through movement. We will also enjoy life in the USA – nature, creativity and business innovations, learn where the Statue of Liberty came from and what an “American dream” is. We will learn to make pumpkin pie and chocolate muffins.

10 - 14 July
Building the future

Antonio Gaudi – Spain – Architecture

Architecture requires spatial thinking, mathematics as well as creativity and spirit. We will practice our space awareness, experiment with building design the way Antonio Gaudi did. We will make Spanish tortilla and tapas with jamon for our special breakfast. We will practice dancing Flamenco and try to play the guitar. You will see our extraordinary building at the end of the week!

17 - 21 July
Act it out!

William Shakespeare – England – Theatre

What are the symbols of England? What does the Queen do? We will find answers to these and many other questions about England. We will not only learn about the life of Shakespeare but will put on a production of an episode from his play – all in English! Our special meal this week is the 5 o’clock tea.

24 - 28 July
We are artists!

Van Gogh – Holland – Art

We love painting and Van Gogh has always been one of our favourite artists. We will learn facts about his life and will try to understand why his life turned out this way. We will conduct our research in the truly Dutch atmosphere – we will even build our own boathouses! Expect great art works from your child this week.

31 July - 4 August
We are athletes!

Usain Bolt – Jamaica – Athletics

It might be a bit hard for us to run as fast as Usain Bolt but we will do our best athletics – running, jumping, climbing and throwing things. We will also try to understand how Jamaica created such outstanding athletes! Jamaican music and food will make this an unforgettable week!

7 - 11 August
Football rules!

Pele – Brazil – Football

We will learn ball control, team work and even most importantly we will learn to win and lose with dignity. All of this will take us to Brazil – a country of rainforests, exotic animals, sun and fun. Expect a bright Brazilian carnival this week!

14 - 18 August

Zen – Japan – Woodwork

Our breakfast this week will be unique – we will even learn to make rolls. Zen practices and balancing body and mind will help us get the true spirit of Japan as well as focus on our skill for this week – working with wood. We will get to know different types of wood and ways to make things from wood.

21 - 25 August
Games for your mind

Mahatma Gandhi – India – Chess

Learning facts about Mahatma Gandhi – the person who reflected the peace-making Indian mentality and brought the spirit of India to the world – will open a new world for us. We will experience Indian cuisine, music, dance and its colourful culture. Practicing chess and participating in chess competitions is the focus for our skills this week.

28 -31 August

Jamie Oliver – Great Britain – Cooking

Going back to Britain to meet a famous chef and culinary book author – Jamie Oliver. Experimenting with ingredients and recipes we will learn the way of easy and creative cooking that took British cuisine to a new level. This week we will look at different parts of the United Kingdom and see how unique they are. At the end of the week be prepared for a real British parade!

04 - 08 June
Space. People. Electricity.

Nikola Tesla – Croatia

Conduct amazing science experiments with electricity, special as well as household chemicals and learn more about how the world functions! A history of inventions quest will take you on a journey of discovery.

11 - 15 June
Beauty is me

Coco Chanel – France

In our fashion design master classes – make your our accessories from leather, wool and fabric. Challenge the world with your fashion design talent! Avant-guard or baroque – we will learn to appreciate small details in design. Try yourself as a photographer or a fashion critic. Find your style or create one! We will provide all the opportunities!

18 - 22 June
Meet the Future

Steve Jobs & Bill Gates – USA

Become an IT entrepreneur and change the world. Write a business plan and set up your own business. Enjoy our LEGO Robolab and Coding master classes to help you develop your digital business.

25 - 29 June
Inspired by the Wind

Hayao Miyazaki – Japan

Drawing and cartoon making master classes inspired by Japanese art of making bento, origami and a rock garden. Animate your own dragon, design and participate in a Japanese culture quest!

02 - 06 July
Philosophy of Martial Arts

Bruce Lee – China

Martial arts are fun and fitness for all. Take part in our karate master classes, learn some Chinese calligraphy on rice paper. Daily tea ceremonies will create a unique atmosphere of China right here.

09 - 13 July
Laugh it!

Jim Carrey – Canada

Role play and comedy – laughter makes us happier every day! A mask making and a costume making master class, puppet making and a puppet show. Create your own theatre and cinema and be brave enough to be different!

16 - 20 July
A School of Magic

Joanne Rowling – Great Britain

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizadry welcomes you to our first summer season. Take part in potion making and magic wand making masterclasses. Create your own coat of arms, learn to manage your strengths and weaknesses and do real magic!

23 - 27 July
Peace of Body & Mind

Mother Teresa – India

First aid and healthy lifestyle – let’s practice! Art from medical supplies – why not? Creative and fun! Discover spices and bright Indian celebrations! Meditate and build up your agility the Indian way.

30 July - 03 August
Travel the World

James Cook – Australia

Have another look at the map and decide where you would like to travel. Create your own country that no one has yet discovered. Create a wonder of the world and design a tour for tourists. Learn geography and history in our Discovery quest. Take photos of flora and fauna and participate in our Discovery exhibition!

06 - 10 August
Inventing the Future

Sergey Korolyov – Russia

Robolab masterclasses, kinetic sand and magnetic liquids – let’s create the future with our talents. Build your own rocket and launch it! Let your imagination rule! Space quest will take us around stars and planets and help address issues of the future.

13 - 17 August
Persian Wisdom and Poetry

Omar Khayyam – Iran

Create your poetry and live in the beautiful East for one week. Make your own magic lamp in out pottery master class and decorate it with eastern ornaments. Discover the beauty of the desert and its wonders.

20 - 24 August
Disney’s World

Walt Disney – USA

Make your own soft toys and act out a story. Role play, costume and wig making, face paint and drawing – let’s make a cartoon character and play with it together!

27 - 31 August
Chemistry all around

Dmitri Mendeleev – Russia

We are all part of a world full of wonders of chemistry. Discover unusual qualities of everyday things with our Magic Science experiments, learn what vitamins can do to our body and what an apple and an orange have in common.

Strong Heart

Thor Heyerdahl – Norway

We are going to travel to the land of the Vikings and put out abilities to the test. Are we as brave and strong as Thor Heyerdahl who went halfway across the Pacific Ocean on a simple wooden raft. We will meet trolls and visit fjords – Norway has a lot of fun things to explore!

We are Leaders

Che Guevara- Cuba

We are the movers and shakers, the people who will change the world. We will explore global and local problems and look for solutions, train our leadership skills and learn to work in a team. We will become inspirational speakers and thinkers.

Brave Art

Picasso or Dali – Spain

With the two geniuses of abstract art we are going to experiment with our own creativity and produce original art works every day using a variety of materials. We will also experiment with crazy styles in clothes and hairstyles, create 3D art installations outdoors and do performance arts.

Moomintrolls & Angry Birds

Moomintrolls & Angry Birds – Filland

Finland is a peaceful and graceful country where Moomintrolls live alongside Angry Birds. With Angry Birds for our sharp-shooting skills practice and Moomintrolls with their land of kindness and adventure we will have a great Finnish week! The week will wind up with a wonderful Midsummer Performance!

Olympic Games

Olympic Games – Greece

A week of Sports and History – try a new sport every day and win a competition! Dress up in the style of Ancient Greece, meet Olimpic gods and goddesses, act in a Greek theatre and cook traditional Greek food!

Let’s Race!

Michael Schumacher – Germany

Together with the legend of car racing we will dive into the world of cars, engines, engineering and racing. Working as a team at a pit stop, karting, building a Rub Goldberg machine, exploring the laws of physics and mechanics – these are just a few things we will do this week. We will use this week to review our Mathematics knowledge about calculating speed, distance and time.

Money Making

The Rothschilds – Austria

How are great business and financial empires built? We will explore money making and money earning, set up our own businesses and calculate our profit at the end of the week. Design your business name and logo, get a license, set up your promotion campaign and start operation! All of this will be happening in Austria and accompanied by classical music hits by Mozart, Strauss and Shubert.  


Lionel Messi – Argentina

Our favourite week is always the football week! This summer it is football from Argentina with legendary Lionel Messi. After a barbeque and some mate tea we will do our best to hit the target in as many ways as possible – in sports and games! Bring your own bombillas!

Design Challenge

Ingvar Kamprad & IKEA – Sweden

Come in your blue and yellow – we are in for a week of IKEA! How to build up a great business by trying to make things people need and admire – this is what we are going to learn this week. Using professional inventors’ techniques we will use our skills and inspiration to design great new things and make they from wood, plastic, card, cotton, metal and fabric. Be ready for a change!


Israel Kamakawiwoʻole – Hawaii

Hawaii is a beautiful dreamland really proud of their celebrity, who reflects the values of resilience, calm and peace. In the festive style of Hawaii we will learn to play easy musical instruments and play in a music band. Come with flowers and be ready to use flowers in all areas of life. The best summer week in Moscow!

Imagine Unimaginable

Oscar Wilde – Ireland

Ireland is the land of magic. This week is your change to put all your unimaginable creativity on paper and write a magic short story or poem. At the end of the week we will act out the stories for everyone to enjoy. On Monday we will paint our self-portraits and over the week they will change to reflect the way we are changing… Join for the week of magic!

Liberty & Equality

Nelson Mandela – South Africa

Together with the man who spent 27 years in prison fighting for equality and freedom we will explore what these concepts are about. We will learn about the British Empire and what effect it had on the world. And surely the best things about South Africa are the wildlife and the food – don’t miss the wonders of Africa!

Fashion Week

GUCCI or Armani? – Italy

This is the week to learn the difference between haute couture as well as pre-a porte and create your own catwalk masterpieces! Jewelry, clothes, accessories and shoes – we will design it all! Craziest ideas are welcome!

Pop-culture and Style

BTS- Korea

Korea is well known for its style and pop-culture – funny cartoons, incredible ideas, funky and dynamic dance and music scene. Try to cook and eat exotic Korean food, learn to play Korean drums and use the chopsticks. Live in a vibrant culture of Korea even if just for a week!


We will travel to the magnificent land of Incas and see the town of Machu Picchu, try quinoa and ceviche and visit reed islands of Lake Titicaca. Charming llamas and alpacas will become our best friends and inspire us for new adventures just as Paddington Bear who was originally from Peru was inspired to travel the world.


We will travel to the magnificent land of Incas and see the town of Machu Picchu, try quinoa and ceviche and visit reed islands of Lake Titicaca. Charming llamas and alpacas will become our best friends and inspire us for new adventures just as Paddington Bear who was originally from Peru was inspired to travel the world.


The land of Bolivar that has just two seasons has the most megadiverse wildlife in the world! We will protect jaguars and capybaras together with the World Wildlife Fund – designing and making things to sell at the wildlife charity fair, opposing poaching and supporting animal rights.


Welcome to one of the happiest countries in the world – the cosy land of hygge! We will make and eat Danish pastry, build a Legoland and enjoy our creativity with Andersen’s fairy-tales. We will also practice brainstorming and innovation to create the world of the future.


We follow the footsteps of Avicenna who invented a way to extract oil from roses alongside being a well-rounded scientist and medic. We will make our own yoghurt that was created in Bulgaria. On the digital side – Mark Zuckerberg’s Bulgarian granddad Marco will help us think up our own social network.


We will explore Turkey – the country between Europe and Asia, the land of ancient Troy. Turkish tea with lokum will give us energy to build up our tourist business and develop a business plan.


With chocolate, waffle, cheese and brussels sprouts Belgium is an enjoyable destination. We will learn to debate and negotiate with the European Union, draw our own comics like those about Tintin or Asterix, listen to the saxophone, draw like Rene Magritte and make a flower carpet just like in Brussels.


We are travelling to the land of Aztecs and Maya, sombreros and guacamole. We will listen to and try to play the guitar and make music with maracas, drink hot chocolate and express ourselves in art like Frida Kahlo.


We will learn about the rainy metropolis of Kuala Lumpur and the vibrant wildlife with orangutangs and king cobras. Jimmy Choo – a world famous shoe designer born and raised in Malaysia will teach us to design shoes and clothes worthy of the royalty.


Taiwan is the butterfly kingdom with karaoke and bubble tea – all of these being part of our Superheroes week. But our main focus will be on Confucius and his approach to how to be a successful leader. Team and leadership games and activities will help us build up skills for the future.


We will travel to the country where every single house has its own unique name and no number and the president gives 95% of his salary to charity. An amazing example of leadership of Jose Mujica will inspire us to be outstanding, brave and caring leaders.


The land of a hundred islands, volcanoes and the Komodo Dragon is a great way to review our geography and plan further trips just like the famous Marco Polo. We will learn to read and make maps, use a compass, explore volcanoes and other forms of terrain and have fun with a shadow theatre and some pantomime in the best Indonesian way!


Do you know where El Dorado is? We will discover this land of gold, emeralds, bananas and coffee! This is the week we listen to and make music, learn a bit of Spanish and dance with Shakira and Juanes!

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