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English Programmes for Children

Your child is 1-7 years old

английский для детей москва

If your child is from 1 to 7 years old you can choose one of the two English programmes we offer.

INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL – classes every day on an international nursery school curriculum in English and school preparation classes in Russian.

TEDDY BEAR CLUB – fun English classes once or twice a week, including Music, Craft, Story Time, Cooking and games.

Your child is 7-12 years old

MAGIC HOME – an after-school stay and activity programme for children 6-12 years old.

Уроки английского для школьников Москва центр и Москва ЗАО. COOL CLUB – English classes once or twice a week based on a communicative approach, including games, theatre, role play, cooking and songs.

ENGLISH CITY CAMP – an exciting summer programme in Moscow  – Superheroes Summer – travel through countries and meet people who changed the world. The best summer in the city for your child!

SUMMER CAMP – a summer English programme in a camp near Moscow – speak English all day in games, sports and activities for 21 days!

If you would like your child to speak even more languages have a look at our VIP INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE CLUBS just click on any flag below

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