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Is your child ready to go to a summer camp?

Parents want to send their child to a summer camp so that they spend time outdoors, make new friends ad learn something new. Most children after the age of 8-9 years old are happy and ready to go to the camp. To inspire and prepare your child here are some useful steps from MAGIC CASTLE:

-emphasize how great it is to make decisions by yourself without parents’ interference. You believe that your child is old and smart enough to do so! They can take care of their daily routines, clothes and friendships. By the way, a camp is a good way to practice and check it! To start with – let your child pack their suitcase by themselves. Give them a list of things to take and have a brief look afterwards. They are normally, really inspired by the packing!

-make sure your child understands that if there is any trouble they can always talk to the counsellors and get help. Go through some possible tricky situations together and let your child work out an action plan for each.

-remember exciting stories, trips and experiences from your camp life and school years – share these stories with your child. Soon they will bring their own unforgettable experiences!

We rarely meet a schoolchild who doesn’t want to go to the camp. But if your child doesn’t – just spend this summer together and next year they will surely be ready to go to the camp. They are growing up after all!



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