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German Classes for Children, Moscow


MAGIC CASTLE International Language Centre is happy to invite your child to our German clubs for children from 1 to 7 years old and from 7 to 16 years old.

The German language can be compared to Russian in its difficulty, structure, order and sound. While it may take long years of study to acquire full control of the language if you start as an adult, it takes a young child a few months to sing, respond and maintain basic communication in German.

Based on the communicative approach our German classes involve acting, role play, games, songs and communication in any other form. Apart from speaking the German language children who have already started school will complete a full course including vocabulary, grammar and structure.

The high standards of all MAGIC CASTLE Language programmes guarantee that your child will study German with enjoyment and efficiency towards the best result in language skills.

Our German language classes for children include

All the classes are conducted in German only and are based on a communicative approach. We encourage children to participate and communicate in the language during class, practice by watching videos and singing songs at home.

 school age  days time fee for 12 weeks
Dostoevskaya 1-3 yo Mon, Thu 18.30-19.15 25,000
3-6 yo Tue, Thu 16.30-18.00 40,000
3-6 yo Sat 13.00-14.30 25,000
Silver Wood 4-6 yo Wed, Fri 17.00-18.30 40,000

For more information please call +7 926 530 89 49 or mail to

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German is considered a hard language, therefore if you would like your child to speak German you might want to start classes early so that your child perceives the language as a natural part of their life rather than something leart through effort and work. Our German club for children does just this – learning German for children from 1 year old through games and songs, interesting activities makes learning German fun and exciting and helps your child remember German words and phrases and use them naturally in speech.

If your child starts German classes for children early enough and gets support at home using our German rhymes for children and German songs for children they will have a good chance of becoming bilingual where both English and German will be natural languages for them.

German classes for children in Moscow are generally hard to find and their location may be inconvenient. We offer German children’s club in our three schools in the centre and in the west of Moscow. In our German classes for children you will not see any boring papers and confusing translation exercises. Using props, pictures, games and total physical response are key elements in interactive teaching of the German language to children.


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Chernyshevskiy lane, 8.
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