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French Classes for Children, Moscow


P’TITS LOUPS for children 1-7 years old  MAGIC CASTLE International Nursery School offers French club P’tits Loups classes for children 1-7 years old. Classes in our French club mean arts and crafts, songs and games, stories and cooking. The French Club classes are taught by a native speaker of French and are based on creativity and play – the best way to feel good with a language.

The class includes


 school age days time fee for 12 weeks
Dostoyevskaya 2-7 yo Sun 11.00-13.00 30,000
2-7 yo Tue, Thu 15.30-17.00 30,000
Silver Wood 2-7 yo Wed, Fri 16.30-18.00 40,000
Tsvetnoi Bulvar 2-7 yo Wed, Fri 14.00-15.00 30,000

Welcome to our annual Vive La France holiday!

We would be glad to provide further information on +7 926 530 8949 or write to

GRAN’ LOUPS for children 7-12 years old

French classes for children 7-12 years old in our Children’s French Club Gran’ Loups are based on a creative programme with arts and stories, role play and games. All the classes are conducted in French and are aimed at developing all aspects of the language through communication and activities. We explore a range of themes through the year from the Middle Ages to Space Travel, developing them in crafts, stories, creative projects and games. At the end of the course children take exams for the first international French language certificate DELF. The classes include

 school level days time fee for 12 weeks
Dostoevskaya Beginners/Elementary Tue, Thu 18.00-19.00 30,000
Silver Wood   Sat 10.00-11.30 30,000

For further information please contact us on +7 926 530 8949 or write to

Contact us for further information on +7 926 530 8949 or


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Zhivopisnaya st., 3-1
m. Polezhaevskaya


Chernyshevskiy lane, 8.
m. Novoslobodskaya
m. Dostoevskaya


Lihov per., 3
m. Tsvetnoi bulvar
m. Pushkinskaya
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