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English Fingerplays

Fingerplay and action rhymes are a unique way to get a child involved in reciting rhymes, especially while learning a foreign language. A child can learn best when all their body is involved in an experience – when they can show a boat or a tree with their body motions they will remember these! Teachers of MAGIC CASTLE English kindergarten in Moscow have to use a lot of rhymes and fingerplay for each theme that we learn. Quite often we have to write our own rhymes to fit a particular theme we are studying. Here are some of the rhymes we like ACTION RHYMES – Nature Grass in the forest (make a sweeping motion to show grass spreading on the ground) Flowers (make a flower with 2 hands) and trees (stretch arms out for branches) Deserts (spread hands and wriggle your fingers to show sand) and mountains (2 hands meet over your head for a peak) Rivers (show a river flowing) and seas (swim)! ACTION RHYMES – Numbers and counting Counting 1-5 and back One rabbit, two rabbits, three rabbits, four (use fingers to show) Five little rabbits are knocking at the door! (knock on the floor) Five rabbits, four rabbits, three rabbits, two (use fingers to show) One little rabbit is looking for his shoe! (with your little finger try to touch as many children’s shoes as you can) Even numbers and counting by 2-s We teach odd and even numbers and skip counting by 2-s using Chinese chopsticks. Two, four, six, eight – lots of rice on my plate (show numbers with your fingers, then a pile of rice) Ten, twelve, fourteen (show 10 and then extra fingers for 12 and 14) Eat your rice, my plate is clean! (show eating and a clean plate with two open hands together) ACTION RHYMES – Sharing, kindergarten rules A variation of Hide and Seek We share, we share (clap hands) We play together (hold hands in a circle) We never fight (make a no-no motion with your finger) We run and hide!

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