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Every child could be talented in different areas, it is important to find something that will be interesting to do for your child in particular. It’s necessary to develop a variety of skills in the early childhood. Stereotypes aside, you will be surprised to find that your daughter is a great football player, and your son’s favorite hobby is dancing or singing. Our children have the opportunity to try a large number of EXTRA CLASSES: DANCE SCHOOL BALLET FIGURE SKATING CHESS ART SCHOOL PIANO FOOTBALL WOOD WORK SINGING SWIMMING ORCHESTRA (recorder) KARATE Having tried all kids of activities, your children will be able to decide what they like most of all, and the parents will realize what is worth putting more effort in. The skills acquired in an early childhood will help your child to be successful and competitive in the future. MAGIC CASTLE international Nursery School is very proud of the kids who started something with us, and continued their education at the professional level. The LOLLIPOPS Band has already won several Moscow City vocal competitions; Alice Trifonova was admitted to the Olympic Figure Skating school after our lessons and is already preparing her first individual program; our graduates have passed the Cambridge Starters exam with flying colors, despite the fact that they were the youngest participants! Please follow the link , where you will find the portfolios of the kids who attend several EXTRA CLASSES. It is a great pleasure to see how they are enjoying the process and achieving the results in their work!



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