Evening kindergarten
For children from 1 to 7 years old
35 000 Rub a month
Do you want to be part of MAGIC CASTLE International School & Talent Academy?
We have created our afternoon kindergarten MAGIC CASTLE Afternoon programme just for you!
Play, listen to stories, act them out, do arts and crafts in English with native speaker teachers in an international environment.
Children at our international primary school are unique – they are open to new cultures, ideas, languages and emotions. Although our main programme is in English, we value and celebrate all cultures. We enjoy cultural variety and interaction. We believe that living, playing and working together is what can make our world a better place for all of us.
MAGIC CASTLE Afternoon programme is available in the centre of Moscow at metro Novoslobodskaya and Tsvetnoi Bulvar and in the west of Moscow in Silver Wood.
Best for your child
MAGIC CASTLE International School & Talent Academy
Nurturing Personality
We believe that every child is unique. In MAGIC CASTLE your child will have a chance to develop their personality and discover their talents. We make sure personal differences are respected and help children find ways to be happy to do things together.
An Open Mind
Our children come from different cultures and make our school an amazing place where these cultures can meet, and children grow up to embrace the best each culture has to offer. Our children interpret things in their unique ways, they learn to see unusual in ordinary things, find ways to use regular objects creatively. We want our children to keep their minds open to all things around them, the knowledge, the unusual, the unexpected.
International Environment
MAGIC CASTLE International School has been delivering quality British curriculum based education to children 3-7 years old in Moscow. We are recognized by all major international middle schools in Moscow and schools in Switzerland, Italy, New York and London. and your child can continue their education at any of them or at a German, French or Russian school.
Love & Care
We surround each child with love and care every day. You will feel it from the moment you enter MAGIC CASTLE and in the way your child will feel when they join. This is possible by careful selection of all staff and by MAGIC CASTLE environment.
Development Support
Your child will be able to try over 30 various extra-curricular activities while in MAGIC CASTLE. This provides an excellent opportunity to explore anything your child might like from Gymnastics to Science and decide if there si anything they would like to focus on.
Learning Through Play
Children learn through play. So, we play a lot! Even when we learn multiplication we use toys, marbles, sticks, buttons to touch and feel multiplication.
Innovations & Traditions
We appreciate and use the wealth of techniques and approaches developed by the teachers of the National Curriculum. But at the same time we are always looking for new ways to teach, we benchmark ourselves against our peers in other countries, exchange best practices and create new learning experience for our children.
We believe that every child is creative by nature. Our job is to create an environment where they will be comfortable expressing themselves through arts, music, dance, science and communication. We help them overcome shyness, perfectionism or fear to let their creative energy flow freely.
Our programme includes
English Every Day
All daily communication and classes at MAGIC CASTLE are carried out in English. Professional native speaker teachers deliver a balanced programme of stories, games, crafts and activities and help your child start speaking English within the first month.
Native Speaker Teachers
Our native speaker teachers from the UK, USA, Australia or UK are carefully selected and trained to deliver the curriculum. Your child will love the engaging creative activities and games played with the teachers.
Role Play in English
Stories, rhymes and songs in English are combined with role play – acting our stories and practicing English in a variety of situations. This is the best way to use the language easily and naturally.
Active Games Outdoors
We finish the afternoon programme with a walk outside. Active games outdoors make up an important part of our English programme providing the vocabulary useful for a child’s life.
Arts and crafts
Our creativity knows no boundaries! Painting, modelling, collage and design are an integral part of our afternoon. Through artistic activities children can express their creativity and imagination as well as expand their vocabulary and develop skills.
Music classes
Music plays an important role in our life. We have 2 English music classes a week in the afternoon. The music classes are conducted by professional teachers of music and include developing a sense of rhythm and a musical ear, playing basic musical instruments and singing our favourite songs!
Your can choose
Russian Speech Development
Professional speech therapy teachers train your child’s Russian pronunciation, develop vocabulary and sentence structure. By the age of 6 years old each child must have clear coherent speech.
Russian Music
Russian music classes with professional music teachers contribute to Russian language development as well as general musicality.
Reading and Writing in Russian
We conduct a full school preparation course teaching children to read and write in Russian. The classes double check children’s pencil grip and fine motor skills.
Afternoon Kindergarten Fee is
35 000 Rub a month
Our day
Safety and stability
Security and safety
2 meals a day on a
specially designed menu
Individual development cards according to British standards 4 times a year
Child-friendly environment
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Our Teachers – Native Speakers
Our teachers from the UK, the USA, Canada or Australia have been carefully selected and have hours of annual professional training
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