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_38In the summer 2015 MAGIC CASTLE opens


for children 7-12 years old.

Discover your child’s talent in arts, design, technology or science with our engaging weekly themes! Every week is a separate adventure and fits conveniently into your holiday schedule.

Each theme is explored with

SPECIAL GUESTS – professional designers, scientists, artists, cartoon makers, chefs or veterinarians depending on the theme of the week

FIELD TRIPS – trips to museums, parks, exhibitions and other secret places related to the theme

PROJECTS – by the end of the week your child will show you the practical result of their work

The programme is run Monday to Friday 9.00 to 17.00 at our Dostoevskaya and Silver Wood schools. The fee for 1 week is 16,500Rur.


1-5 June Singing stars Speak and sing in English! Learn old and new favourite songs to impress your family and friends! Practise with a leading singing teacher in Moscow!
8-12 June Design the world! A week for the creative! Learn to use ordinary and extraordinary materials in a variety of ways to express yourselves! Led by a professional design studio!
15-19 June Act it out! Do you feel the need to change and be someone different for some time? Discover your acting talent with our Acting week with participation of an actress and an acting teacher!
22-26 June What’s cooking? Explore your creativity through cooking with a well-known chef and our international trainers! Learn about food, recipes and tastes in the most special week!
29 June-3 July Dance Avenue This is your chance to learn some street dance and style in just one week! With the help of a professional dance teacher this is possible.
6-10 July We’ll make you laugh! Comedy and jokes is one part of a foreign language that is the hardest to grasp. Participate in our special Comedy week to learn to understand as well as make jokes and comical plays.
13-17 July Animal lovers This week will take us out and about to meet pets and animals, assist in taking care of them, learn their habits, tastes and character.
20-24 July Cartoon World This is another creative week! Make your own cartoon from scratch with a real cartoon artist!
27-31 July Science Rocks! Practical science projects are a real hit today. Let us join in and explore chemistry and physics through hands-on experiments. Learn the language of science!
3-7 August Fashion week Rolls of fabric and boxes of decorations are waiting for you to turn them into a unique fashion masterpiece!
A professional Fashion designer will share their secrets!
10-14 August What’s in the news? Speaking clearly and persuasively in public is a skill that has to be practiced. Become a television newsreader and make your own TV programme in just a week!
17-21 August Doodle it! If you feel the need to express yourself through drawing and painting – this is your chance! In a week you will produce art works worthy of high praise! All with English instructions and debate!

If your child is ready for a more challenging experience they will love our English Summer Camp in the Moscow region!
For more information please call +7 926 530 8949 or email to

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