Appearing in the 16th century among the ancient Celts of Scotland and Ireland, this holiday was called the All-Hallows-Even, and over time it became to be called Halloween.
🎃At @Magic_Castle_School every year before October 31st we have a fun party that all our children are looking forward to.
👻Some of our master classes this week focused on how to decorate your room with Halloween style and which costume to choose.
This is a great opportunity to be creative and have fun.

Do you know what are the main symbols and traditions of Halloween?
🎃Jack’s lamp made of pumpkin
👻Carnival costumes, not only witches and skeletons, it can be a kind unicorn costume
🕷Decorating rooms in Halloween style – spiders, cobwebs, pumpkins of different sizes, bats, ghosts. Or for example pink style – unicorns, rainbows
🪑Festive table – lots of sweets, pumpkin food, apples in syrup
Do you have fun for Halloween party on October 31st?