Extension for your child with lessons in English

We collect your child from school, monitor their homework completion and provide quality British education in the afternoon. Cambridge exams preparation classes, science, design, cooking, non-standard mathematics and team-building games.

Best for your child

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We will guide you through homework and make sure everything is done. You will not need tutors and extra checks.

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Все общение и занятия продленки проходят на английском языке (кроме времени выполнения домашнего задания).

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Группы до 8-10 детей позволяют уделить внимание каждому ребенку и гарантировать качественное выполнение домашней работы.

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Ребенок может посещать продленку с того момента, когда у него закончились занятия, до 18.00 с понедельника по пятницу.

Best for your child

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Английская продленка уже включает 6 дополнительных занятий – результат произведет неизгладимое впечатление на вас и вашего ребенка!

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Если у вас еще осталось время, ваш ребенок сможет посещать любые из более 30 дополнительных занятий от фортепиано или программирования до карате и брейк-данса.

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В дни школьных каникул программа предлагает поездки и экскурсии каждый день.

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Мы заботимся о каждом ребенке и всегда найдем способ решить любые проблемы.

Our programme includes

You can choose a package of activities for the child

Our experienced teachers have been working with various primary school curricula for over 5 years. They guarantee that your child will do homework to the best of their ability.


Your child will have 3 hours each week in a group class with a professional native-speaker teacher to prepare for international Cambridge exams.


Collection from nearby schools is included in the fee. We can collect your child from other schools at an extra fee.


We have 3 meals in the afternoon – healthy and well-balanced.


Our wonderful science experiments will let your child discover the world of chemistry, physics and biology. The class is conducted in English.


All our children can and like to cook. Every week in our cooking school they learn a new exciting recipe from a national cuisine – from Japanese rolls to borsch or paella! The class is conducted in English.


We hope that our children will stay friends, help and support each other for years to come. We learn to communicate effectively, work together, set and achieve common goals. Our team-building games are a combination of sport and communication.


Our weekly design master class is our pride and joy – the masterpieces our children produce add a designer tough to all their homes. We work with clay, wool, leather and a lot of unpredictable materials to create extraordinary things. Conducted in English.


Non-standard reasoning and math are key elements in English After School. Rubik’s cube, brain-teasers, non-standard math problems – all of these are done in Genius Club. Taught in English.

School Fee is from 65 000 Rub a month

Our day

Security and safety
Full lunch and snack
In the group of 6 children from 7 to 12 years
You can pick up the baby Anytime.
Mode work from 12 to 18

Our children speak for us

Olga &Sasha&Oleg
Talents: Chinese, English, French, Russian, Football, Choreography, Arts, Science, Woodwork, Chess
Elena, mother
This is a great school – little groups, native speaker teachers, lots of holidays, events and trips. Over these 3 years there has never been a day when my child did not want to MAGIC CASTLE. Now my younger daughter is going here as well!
Talents: Swimming, Skating, Karate, Football, Chess, Arabic, English, Russian, Chinese
Rais and Galina, parents
It is very important for us that MAGIC CASTLE program encourages use of movement in learning. Our son’s educational and social progress has been amazing! We are excited to send our younger son to MAGIC CASTLE in near future.
Talents: Dance, Skating, Chess, Piano, Football, English, Russian
Pam and Genе, parents
Although our time in Moscow and at Magic Castle was too short, it was certainly exemplary of the old adage “quality over quantity”. Thank you all very much for your care!
Talents: Football, karate, woodwork workshop, chess
Sarah, mother
A lot of attention is paid not only to academics but also sports, attention is paid to each child, adaptation to their personality – parent /teacher communication.
Talents: English, German, Figure skating, Singing, Choreography, Art, Piano, Science, Cooking
Olesya, mother
We are grateful that MAGIC CASTLE allowed Alissa to try so many things! That is how we discovered she was really good at figure skating!

Our Teachers – Native Speakers

Our teachers from the UK, the USA, Canada or Australia have been carefully selected and have hours of annual professional training
Robert Hartley University of California, USA Subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Music, Drama
Hi, I’m Robert and I’ve been teaching for more than 10 years. I am focused on getting every child to speak English and develop their skills at whatever I teach. I use a wide range of games and activities to make sure every child is learning through their preferred medium. I am happy for new children to join the class.
Clive Julings University of York, UK Subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Jolly Phonics, Reading
Hello! My name is Clive Julings and I have been teaching children for over 5 years. I believe in making my lessons enjoyable and productive for every child. When a child is excited about learning that makes me happy! Come join us!
Claudia Manning Baker College, Jamaica Subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Reading, Writing, Grammar
Hello! I am Claudia Manning and I believe that we can ensure that every child performs at the top of their potential. I appreciate curiosity, research, independence and desire for new knowledge. There is a lot to learn and that is exactly what we are here to do!
Mickky Mehton ECPI Technical College, Australia Subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Jolly Phonics, Reading, Cooking
My name is Mickky and I enjoy working with little children. We learn a lot together – this is the age children are curious and interested. They are motivated by engaging activities, props and drama and the teacher’s personality. At MAGIC CASTLE we are excited to teach and children are excited to learn. Join and try!
Denis Galetton Université de Geneve, Switzerland/Canada Subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Creative Writing, Drama
I appreciate my students’ creativity and academic zeal. Every child want to learn and the techniques we use draw out the best in them. As long as each student is developing their skills I am successful as a teacher. If you have a chance to join our classes – do it!
Claire Hogan University of Nuthumbria, UK Subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Literature
Hello! I’m Claire and I have been teaching for over 15 years. I enjoy teaching young learners as they are always full of curiosity and excitement. I love using stories and poems in teaching young children.
Ivana Vucic University of Maine, USA Subjects: English, Literature, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies
Hi, I am Ivana and I have been teaching all ages and levels for over 15 years. While teaching online you must use the best most engaging techniques and inspire every child to get involved and speak English. I am happy that all my students make progress.
Diane Seuss Portland State University, USA Subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Drama, Music Composition
Hi! I’m Ms Seuss. I love using Drama and Music to engage with my online students. We dress up, play characters, sing, play games – all of this toward the goals that we have of learning the skills of the England’s Curriculum.

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