Chinese classes for children from 1 to 12

MAGIC CASTLE International Nursery School offers Chinese language classes for children from 1 year old. Our classes aim at developing the children’s speaking and comprehension skills, recognising and writing basic characters, enjoying a variety of songs, rhymes and stories in Chinese.

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You will see results

We monitor your child’s progress. Regular testing and reports for parents help you track your child’s results.!

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Professional native speaker teachers

All our teachers are native speakers of Chinese certified to teach Chinese. We monitor the quality of teaching and conduct regular teacher trainings.

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Our classes are based on a communicative approach, which means that we speak Chinese throughout the lesson, and the new grammar and vocabulary are practiced not only in writing, but also in communication.

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Love and Care

We are dedicated to Love and Care for each child. We teach children to respect others, love themselves, share, help each other and have fun together. We believe that this is the basis of a good education.

Your child will speak

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Creativity and Fun

Each class has opportunities for each child to explore, use their creativity and have fun. We use new vocabulary in creative ways, we do arts and crafts. Even our food never looks ordinary – we make it extraordinary and learn doing this!

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Leaning through Play

Children learn through play. Therefore we use toys, props, sports equipment, materials for arts and crafts in games and activities to process our learning. Play is the most important way of making new knowledge relevant for a child.

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Chinese Classes are designed for Chinese speakers as well as for children who have never heard Chinese before. They develop memory, logic, motility, coordination, creativity, attention, listening and speaking, which are important for everyone.

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The groups are formed according to the level and the age of children. We have perfect groups for beginners as well as young children who speak Chinese fluently. Hogwarts students need a lot of creativity!

Our programme includes

All classes in Chinese with native speakers

For children 1-6 years old

Dancing, Songs and Music in Chinese
Crafts and creativity
Stories and Performances
Active and role-playing games
Tea and snack

For children 7-16 years old

Spoken Speech Development
Vocabulary expansion
Grammar development
Role and communication games
Creative projects and theater
Chinese language exam at the end of the program


Chernyshevskiy lane, 8., m. Novoslobodskaya, m. Dostoevskaya
1-3 years old Wednesday Friday 19:00-19:45 25 000 Rub
4-6 years old Tuesday Thursday 17:00-18:00 30 000 Rub
7-12 years old Wednesday Friday 18:00-19:00 30 000 Rub


Zhivopisnaya st., 3-1, m. Polezhaevskaya
3-7 years old Tuesday Thursday 14:30-16:00 35 000 Rub
3-7 years old Saturday 13:30-15:00 25 000 Rub

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Our Teachers – Native Speakers

Our teachers have been carefully selected and have hours of annual professional training
Robert Hartley University of California, USA Subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Music, Drama
Hi, I’m Robert and I’ve been teaching for more than 10 years. I am focused on getting every child to speak English and develop their skills at whatever I teach. I use a wide range of games and activities to make sure every child is learning through their preferred medium. I am happy for new children to join the class.
Clive Julings University of York, UK Subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Jolly Phonics, Reading
Hello! My name is Clive Julings and I have been teaching children for over 5 years. I believe in making my lessons enjoyable and productive for every child. When a child is excited about learning that makes me happy! Come join us!
Claudia Manning Baker College, Jamaica Subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Reading, Writing, Grammar
Hello! I am Claudia Manning and I believe that we can ensure that every child performs at the top of their potential. I appreciate curiosity, research, independence and desire for new knowledge. There is a lot to learn and that is exactly what we are here to do!
Mickky Mehton ECPI Technical College, Australia Subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Jolly Phonics, Reading, Cooking
My name is Mickky and I enjoy working with little children. We learn a lot together – this is the age children are curious and interested. They are motivated by engaging activities, props and drama and the teacher’s personality. At MAGIC CASTLE we are excited to teach and children are excited to learn. Join and try!
Denis Galetton Université de Geneve, Switzerland/Canada Subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Creative Writing, Drama
I appreciate my students’ creativity and academic zeal. Every child want to learn and the techniques we use draw out the best in them. As long as each student is developing their skills I am successful as a teacher. If you have a chance to join our classes – do it!
Claire Hogan University of Nuthumbria, UK Subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Literature
Hello! I’m Claire and I have been teaching for over 15 years. I enjoy teaching young learners as they are always full of curiosity and excitement. I love using stories and poems in teaching young children.
Ivana Vucic University of Maine, USA Subjects: English, Literature, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies
Hi, I am Ivana and I have been teaching all ages and levels for over 15 years. While teaching online you must use the best most engaging techniques and inspire every child to get involved and speak English. I am happy that all my students make progress.
Diane Seuss Portland State University, USA Subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Drama, Music Composition
Hi! I’m Ms Seuss. I love using Drama and Music to engage with my online students. We dress up, play characters, sing, play games – all of this toward the goals that we have of learning the skills of the England’s Curriculum.

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