English Kindergarten and Talent Academy

MAGIC CASTLE Dostoevskaya school

MAGIC CASTLE Dostoevskaya school
Chernyshevskiy lane, 8, st.1
m. Dostoevskaya, m. Novoslobodskaya, m. Mendeleevskaya
from 08:00 to 20:00
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How to get?

In the metro take the first car from the center. After the glass doors take the exit on your left. Pass the big theatre building on your right and walk up Dostoevskogo street to the crossroads with Chernyshevskogo lane. Turn left into the lane and walk 50 metres – you will see a beautiful white mansion on your left. Ring the bell at the front entrance. 

If you live or work in the center or in the west of Moscow, you can easily bring your child to the kindergarten on the way to work – we open at 8.00. If you still cannot bring or pick up your child, we will arrange the escort and delivery of your child ourselves.

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