MAGIC CASTLE International
School & Talent Academy

Лучший детский сад
и академия талантов

Уникальное международное
образование для вашего ребенка

Love & Care

MAGIC CASTLE International School

Dostoevskaya, Moscow Centre

+7 499 963 4770

+7 926 530 8949

Chernyshevskiy lane, 8


In the metro take the first car from the center. After the glass doors take the exit on your left. A big old building – a theatre – is on your right behind you – take a path to the left and walk along Seleznyovskaya Street till the intersection. Cross car tracks and cross the road at the traffic lights again, turn to the right, and at the end of the passage you will see a 9-storey brick residential block. Enter from the road. We are also within easy reach from Novoslobodskaya and Mendeleevskaya

To arrange a meeting contact the manager on + 7 926 530 8949 or by email on

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If you live in the centre of Moscow it will be hard for you to find a kindergarten or an international school for your child. A school or a playgroup with spacious premises, a playground and a range of well-organised activities. Our big international nursery and primary school at m.Novoslobodskaya/Dostoevskaya offers all of that. A solid international curriculum and a range of extra classes from swimming to woodwork make this the best option for families living in the centre and in the north of Moscow.

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Zhivopisnaya st., 3-1
m. Polezhaevskaya


Chernyshevskiy lane, 8.
m. Novoslobodskaya
m. Dostoevskaya


Lihov per., 3
m. Tsvetnoi bulvar
m. Pushkinskaya
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