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Cultural events with the child

What age is the best for visiting exhibitions and events?

Some parents are happy to go to any events with a baby, others prefer to wait until the child can understand and remember the places and events they are visiting. We believe in broadening your child’s world in all possible ways.

  1. Think if the event may be easily disrupted by your child’s possible behavior. Going to a 3-hour ballet performance for a child under 6 years old may not work out just because the timing is not age appropriate and both the child and the people around will be quite upset.

  2. Look for events specifically aimed at your child’s age group – there are children’s and baby theatres and musical shows – do not miss them!

  3. Children can not spend time without moving. So, choose interactive places, where your child can touch things and play with them.

  4. You may want to cut down the time you spend at an exhibition or event. The child will get their impressions but neither of you will enjoy it for more than 1 hour.

The most important thing is that you spend this time together doing something you enjoy – so if you enjoy going out with your child – do it!








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