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Camp phone talk

Camp phone talk – how to talk to your child when they are at the camp?

So, you were brave enough to have sent your child to a summer camp – this was a good move! Expect a more mature, independent child, full of new impressions!

However, if it is there first time at the camp they will have times when they will feel low, sad, missing their parents. Evenings are the times when you want to share your news – good or bad. Our goal is to support the child and give them the energy to enjoy the rest of their stay.

  1. Find out the camp’s phone policy and agree the times and frequency for the calls. Make sure you can talk uninterrupted.

  2. Stay positive. Human beings are made the way that they always share bad news first. And in colour. With a special emphasis. Be prepared that a relatively insignificant difficulty will be described as the main even of the day – your child will never remember these things after the camp. Do not develop the painful topics but try to find out if anything good has happened.

  3. Do not interrogate. Normally, given the chance your child will share what’s important for them. As a way of active listening just repeat part of what he is saying “ M-m, you got all wet on the field trip, I see”.

  4. If you feel that the child might break down remind them cheerfully how you will prepare surprises to meet them from the camp and what a great celebration you will have – switch them to positive thoughts.

  5. Remind the child that you love them and are proud of them, that you feel how grown up they are becoming.

With this feeling of joy and confidence you can be sure to finish your conversation successfully.

Showing your love and care when your child is away is a skill that is important to practice and you will be able to give your child a feeling that no matter how far you are you still support and love them. This is exactly the feeling that each person needs in their heart.







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