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Is your child ready to go to a summer camp?

Parents want to send their child to a summer camp so that they spend time outdoors, make new friends ad learn something new. Most children after the age of 8-9 years old are happy and ready to go to the camp. To inspire and prepare your child here are some useful steps from MAGIC CASTLE:

Cultural events with the child

What age is the best for visiting exhibitions and events? Some parents are happy to go to any events with a baby, others prefer to wait until the child can understand and remember the places and events they are visiting. We believe in broadening your child’s world in all possible ways. Think if the event

How to choose a sea summer camp?

    You have a great idea to combine a healthy holiday by the sea with learning English – that’s great! But it is hard to send your child to another country with someone you don’t know… How to make sure that it is safe and the programme will be worth the effort?   First

Camp phone talk

Camp phone talk – how to talk to your child when they are at the camp? So, you were brave enough to have sent your child to a summer camp – this was a good move! Expect a more mature, independent child, full of new impressions! However, if it is there first time at the

5 games to teach your child to be tidy

If you think it is important to be tidy than you, probably, are tidy yourselves! Then more than half the job is done as your example is the best teacher for your child! However, between the ages of 2 and 15 years old you still have doubts if your little angel will really take after

Summer camp

To send or not to send your child to a summer camp? Summer is the time we all want our children to have a good rest, ideally, to learn some new skills or make new friends. This is the time for the outdoors, sports, adventures, travel and fun! Sure, it is great if you can


How to build up a child’s confidence? We want to see our children happy. And the magic is that regardless of a person’s talents, abilities, prosperity or status we can all be happy if we have CONFIDENCE. The confidence to life our own life, to do the things that we love, to stand up for

Why does my child always get told off?

Managing our kids zone at the Blancpain car races in Moscow we encountered some parent behavior that we thought was left far back in the past…. When a 3-year-old boy hit his playmate on the head with a car remote control we interfered reminding him that fighting is not allowed. His mom standing nearby observing

How much would a heron weigh if it stands on one leg?

We are proud to present a result of our scientific research into the nature on weight and weighing called – How much would a heron weigh if it stands on one leg? Using a variety of scales and weighing techniques we looked into techniques of weighing and weight distortions. Now we are sure how much

5 best signs that you love your child. Teamwork.

We know that the things your kid does today together with you he/she will do tomorrow by himself/herself. That’s why think what you want your child be engaged in and do it together! Of course at many tasks kids are better and can do more. Simply stay with them, always support them when they are

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