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Why does my child always get told off?

Managing our kids zone at the Blancpain car races in Moscow we encountered some parent behavior that we thought was left far back in the past…. When a 3-year-old boy hit his playmate on the head with a car remote control we interfered reminding him that fighting is not allowed. His mom standing nearby observing

How much would a heron weigh if it stands on one leg?

We are proud to present a result of our scientific research into the nature on weight and weighing called – How much would a heron weigh if it stands on one leg? Using a variety of scales and weighing techniques we looked into techniques of weighing and weight distortions. Now we are sure how much

5 best signs that you love your child. Teamwork.

We know that the things your kid does today together with you he/she will do tomorrow by himself/herself. That’s why think what you want your child be engaged in and do it together! Of course at many tasks kids are better and can do more. Simply stay with them, always support them when they are

5 best signs that you love your child. Personal relationships.

Only you know how to show your child that you are a family. Look into his eyes, take her hand, hug him, whisper “magic words” to her, shake his hand – find the sign that will always  mean “I love you” to him. If your child is ready for a more challenging experience they will

5 best signs that you love your child. Inevitable consequences.

The task of every parent is to prepare a kid for adulthood. The main rule in life is that all the actions have their consequences. Change your behaviour and your way of thinking and your life will change. How to transfer this wisdom to your kid? Let him bear the consequences of his/her actions when

5 best signs that you love your child. Set clear boundaries

Every child wants to have strong, smart and reliable parents who can always protect him/her. They are afraid of having parents full of fear who do not understand what is going on and what to do. Therefore be strong! Honest, fair and ready to defend the truth. Kids expect that parents can surely tell the

5 best signs that you love your child. Attention and respect to his/her life

It is impossible not to love kids. Especially when they smile, when they enjoy this wonderful world! We often notice that in modern world it is getting more and more difficult to have a joyful and smiling child, joy is short-lived nowadays, disappointments and offenses occur more often.What is our kid asking us for? He

A teacher for newborn

Kirill has been studying in Magic Castle for 2 years. He likes crafts and music class most of all. ‘If you happy and you know it’ is his favourite. So he tries to teach his 3-year-old brother Konstantin to sing the song. And other rythmes and songs and words etc. So Konstantin has already knows

Fashion design and modelling for children.

You might remember your child who was fighting to wear something different from what you have planned for them as early as the age of 2 years old… Whether we want it or not clothes play their role as a way to show off your attitude and personality. Going out in the cold without a

Welcome to MAGIC CASTLE, Suzy!

When our new student Suzy came to MAGIC CASTLE International Nursery and Primary School in Moscow for her first visit, she was very shy – so many children and teachers in the school and they are all speaking English. Even though Suzy learned English back in China, she was still a bit concerned that she