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Best cooking recipes for children

Частный детский сад ЗАОI have yet to see a child at the age of 2-6 who doesn’t like to cook. To overcome inborn caution and resistance to food novelties that most children share try to engage them into these exciting food activities from the age of under 1 year old:

  1. Let your child cut, dice, slice and tear up food items ANY WAY THEY LIKE to make a dish of any name they want! They might not eat what they have made but YOU must try it and praise it! Next time they might have the courage to taste it themselves! NB – use a jagged blunt-nosed knife which can not hurt your child.
  2. Let your child ARRANGE food on a plate in a way that would make a certain picture or design. Children can learn to do this by watching you do it the first few times. They can use pre-cut slices and pieces or they can cut the pieces they need themselves.
  3. Let your child help you cook by measuring out ingredients with spoons or cups, mixing with a spoon or a mixer, pouring liquids or serving food with a spoon. Be prepared for quite a lot of mess and have fun! Surely, your child’s future and your emotional bond is more important than any particular dish or a neat kitchen at all times!
  4. Let your child make shopping choice – they can make a list or just choose some food in the shop. Encourage them to choose something that is healthy and can be used as an ingredient in cooking recipes. Children aged over 3 years old love being responsible for finding things in the shop, counting them out and putting them in the trolley. It will also keep them busy and prevent any moaning or begging for sweets.
  5. Make food ‘surprises’ for each other – arrange any ingredients on a plate in a special way – use your imagination. Invite your child to have a look at the surprise. If they are not inspired by what they see – explain that you were trying really hard to make them happy, because you love them. Give them a hug. Try to do something they might like more next time. After a while your child will make a food ‘surprise’ for you. This is the way they learn the most important thing – cooking for someone is a way to show your love!

At the age of 2-6 children regard food ingredients as materials for creative play. And this is our chance to gradually widen their food choices and train their palate for a variety of tastes and flavours. We can also teach them about the importance of food as a form of communication and showing your care. Respect and creative attitude towards food and cooking is something that will contribute to your child’s happiness in future!

Your child will have a chance to explore cooking with a professional chef in our SUMMER TALENT ACADEMY English programme for children 6 – 12 years old.

A special price for the COOKING WEEK 22-26 June, 2015 now is 15,500Rur!



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