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Artmosphere Quarantine Art Competition has finished

We continue introducing you to great artists – participants in our contest. Irina Petrova @artpetrova – an admirable Russian artist – took the third place🥉
Irina was born in Rostov, Russia
Works and lives in Moscow.
Irina is an artists and an art teacher of painting and creativity for children and adults.
Irina Petrova about her art:
«All art historians say that art is a reflection of the era. In my pictures, I reflect our reality passing through the prism of my own perception. I monitor my feelings and the feelings of people and process them into the images from which my paintings are made»👩🏻‍🎨
Dorothy Krakauer, an art critic New York, about Irina’s art:
“Irina’s comment that “life has changed” and that “we live in a new reality” best reflects what is occurring and how we are coping with that reality.
Her three paintings together as they incorporate the spectrum of people, time of the year and the work of the international community to overcome the virus. I think the second painting with the medical professional surrounded by elements of spring and many written messages reflects the anguish people feel along with the hope and trust that we will get through this by helping each other.  The three paintings together sum up the universality of people, our compassion and our need to always work together to create a better life for all”.

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Artmosphere Quarantine Art Competition has finished


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