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5 ways to see if your child is a good actor

children acting

Parents are often unaware of a great talent their children might have for acting. Some children can combine skillful manipulation and emotional display to perfection.However, to be a truly good actor they need to be empathetic and able to show emotions.

  1. Your child can mimic other people’s face expressions and body language. They feel comfortable “making faces” and fooling around.
  2. Your child notices other people’s mood and feelings and acts accordingly. They might either show compassion and care or use the situation to their advantage.
  3. You child is good at talking without words by using body language and facial expressions.
  4. The child’s behavior changes abruptly when they realize that it will not get them what they want, after they get what they want or when there is no audience.
  5. The child repeats successful demonstrative behavior in different situations.

Acting is what gives us flexibility and control in many situations. When accompanied by integrity and good humour it is the key to social success. Moreover, if your child has this skill it is probably there to stay and is not likely to die out as the benefits of acting are very practical. However, if parents go along with manipulative demonstration of acting they may get a hyper-reactive child who finds it hard to control their temper.

Summer Talent Academy 2015  Act it out!  is planned for 15-19 june, 2015


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