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5 games to teach your child to be tidy

If you think it is important to be tidy than you, probably, are tidy yourselves! Then more than half the job is done as your example is the best teacher for your child!

However, between the ages of 2 and 15 years old you still have doubts if your little angel will really take after you at the end of the day… They will. But they will need a bit of help.

Use these 5 games to teach your child to be tidy

  1. Clean up! – this game can be played with the child as soon as they can crawl or walk. Sing a little clean up song

Clean up, clean up

Little darling/everybody let’s clean up

Clean up, clean up, put your things away!

When the idea of cleaning up is clear – introduce the timing – use an hourglass or set a timer, ideally the one where the child can see the time getting shorter and shorter. Congratulate yourselves on making in on time! Celebrate!

  1. I can do it! – allow your child to do anything they want to help you around the house. Encourage them to clear away the dishes and load the dishwasher, vacuum, sweep, mop, pack or unpack things. Children are particularly enthusiastic about it around 2-3 years old – do not miss this time! Be prepared for some mess! Give your child a chance to clean it up! Stay happy! It will pay off in future!

  2. It’s a machine! – encourage your child to learn to use household equipment. Normally, children love machines – an iron, a washing machine, an oven, a dishwasher, a vacuum cleaner. Teach them how to use it, let them do all the jobs around these machines that are safe. Anything dangerous – do together. Your child will feel a hero and will definitely gain confidence!

  1. Let’s redecorate! – children get inspired and empowered to maintain their room in order when they make choices about what their room will be like. Soredecorate! Let your children move furniture around, change the style of their room. Encourage and admire their efforts! Then get upset if all of this will be lost in a mess. Children will be inspired to clean it up!

  2. Detectives – the game is a replacement for “pick it up, put it away, close it etc” routine. Say:”Go to the bathroom. There are 3 things wrong there. Can you find them? Children from 5 to 14 years old love this game! It makes them feel smart and capable and has a great empowering effect.

Otherwise, just set a good example and note, that normally your child would prove to be much tidier without you around – at a summer camp or a friend’s home which is their future behavior.


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