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5 best signs that you love your child. Attention and respect to his/her life

Обучение английскому детейIt is impossible not to love kids. Especially when they smile, when they enjoy this wonderful world!
We often notice that in modern world it is getting more and more difficult to have a joyful and smiling child, joy is short-lived nowadays, disappointments and offenses occur more often.What is our kid asking us for? He wants love.

Below are the best and the most important 5 ways to show to your kid that you love him/her

Put his/her drawing on a wall. Put his/her plastic dog on your writing desk. Tell your child that every time you look at this drawing or plastic dog you think about him/her.

Tell your kid that everything that he draws is very interesting.

– What is it? You have a blue monkey, it is very interesting! I have seen before only brown and grey monkeys and you have a blue one! A special monkey!

Never criticize your kid when she/he is busy doing creative things and everything is quiet around. He/she will understand you. Especially if you APPRECIATE his/her effort and PRAISE him/her. He/she will memorize that monkeys cannot be blue in real life.
To be continued..

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