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Children’s Songs in Spanish

The beautiful Spanish language can become your child’s favorite. We suggest you study the Spanish language with fun through songs and poems. Spanish children’s songs are full of easy to understand vocabulary and memorable images that can help your child plunge into the melody of language and culture. Please, have a look at the variety of children’s songs and rhymes in Spanish.

We will be happy to teach your child Spanish in our Spanish club for children!

Tengo una muneca vestida de azul, I have a doll dressed in turquoise
con sus zapatitos y su canesú. She’s got shoes and collar
La lleve a la playa se me constipó, I took her to the beach and she got cold
la lleve a la casa la niña lloro. I took her home and the girl was crying

Navidad, Navidad, Christmas, Christmas,
Dulce Navidad. Merry Christmas.
Alegría este día It’s a happy day
Hay que celebrar hey! We must celebrate!

Un elefante se balanceaba An elephant is balancing
sobre la tela de una araña On a spider web
y como veía que no se caía It can see that it’s not falling off
fue a llamar a otro elefante. So it calls another elephant.
Dos elefantes se balanceaban Two elephants are balancing
sobre la tela de una araña, On a spider web
y como veían que no se caían They see that they are not falling off
fueron a llamar a otro elefante. So they call another elephant.
Tres elefantes… Three elephants….

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Children’s songs in Spanish videos with English translations are a great tool for parents whose knowledge of the Spanish language is a bit rusty but who would still want their child to maintain and develop their Spanish language skills. Our English translations of Spanish songs for children help you understand the general meaning of each Spanish children’s song we have, its main characters and events.

When we use Spanish children’s songs in teaching Spanish to little children in our Spanish children’s club in Moscow we make sure that each Spanish song for children is introduced with a set of motions or finger plays. English translations and videos of these Spanish songs for children help you make up your own set of motions to go with each song.

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